• Poll Results: What Do You Think of "Saucy" Images in Drawfriend?

    Blushing Twilight Sparkle Saucy Poll Results

    It's looking like Saucy is here to stay. The majority of you are fine with it, and 27% of you love it.

    We will of course still be running saucy tags, unless I derp and miss Coco Pommel due to tunnel-visioning in on having to tag the Rainbow Dash like yesterday. I've gotten a bit better at remembering, but with 80 images like yesterday, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

    I should probably note on the humanized front, that we will not be saucy tagging bikinis/platemail bikinis. If it's something you see when walking through the mall, we probably aren't going to tag it. Obviously this changes if the expression is overly suggestive, but the warrior Luna in the drawfriend a few days ago was fine. The same goes for actual ponies. If it's just Cadance in a "bikini" playing volleyball it probably won't be tagged.

    Anyway, next poll, Season 6 time:

    Should Starlight Glimmer Stay in Ponyville with The Mane 6?

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    Saucy Poll Results