• On Comments Of the Last Few Days Disappearing - We Are Looking Into It - Future Comments on EQD

    It seems something may have happened to the comments of the last few days (which sucks since there was so much good feedback). We are looking into what may have happened, but unfortunately, Intense Debate seems to slowly be dropping support.

    This means the program as a whole is unstable. We are looking into migrating over to Disqus, which most sites use now days. The problem is, Intense Debate is having trouble exporting all of the comments.

    We may need to switch over and wait for Intense Debate's export to catch up. Until then, if there are any old comments you love, be sure to back them up just in case. This recent "outage" hopefully was just a small derp, and these comments will come back. It's looking like new posts, and random posts from a back about week ago are effected.

    Disqus should be a much more stable, and modern platform for all of you. We tested it years ago and it has improved dramatically since then. The other option is Livefyre, but we are still looking into the pluses and minuses of that.

    tl;dr - Backup any Intense Debate comments you want to keep. They appear to be having database issues. We might be switching to Disqus soon and importing everything over (including old blogger comments!)

    Update: It's looking like 3 days were deleted, with three weeks of random posts getting hit. Old comments seem to be safe. We still want to get off the boat before it possibly happens again though, as Intense debate has closed support. 

    Update 2: I should probably note that Blogger is no longer going to support ID soon too, so Disqus was going to happen eventually.  This just makes it more urgent as we don't want to lose anymore comments.