• MWBF, PVFM & EQD celebrate 5 years with LoE

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    Legends of Equestria is still going strong all weekend, with a bunch of DJ's hopping in to make the music side happen! Head on down below for the details.

              PonyvilleFM, Midwest Bronyfest & Equestria Daily Celebrate 5 years of Brony Glory
                   Legends of Equestria Opens It's Servers to Celebrate 5 Years of Fandom Service

    That's right fillies and gentlecolts! Get that OC looking swank and hop into the world of Equestria as Legends of Equestria opens it's servers to help ring in 5 years of service from some of the top, best, and underrated communities the fandom has to offer!

    Celebrating it's 5th year back on January 12th, PonyvilleFM, has been providing the My Little Pony fandom with some of the best show remixes, pony inspired songs, and original tunes from bronies all around the world. PVFM made a name for itself by bringing some of the most well known DJs to the forefront and has been continuing to do so. It's always been a place that encourages growth and opportunity. Big shout out to Equestria Daily on their 5th as well, who has always been on point with sharing some of the fandoms most original and unique songs and giving underground artists the attention they deserve along with top stories and news from the fandom.

    PonyvilleFM admins have been working hard to bring you a diverse selection of music with some of your favorite old school artists along with fresh, new, up and coming artists. Check out the line up below!

    Also celebrating 5 years is the small town con gone big time, Midwest Bronyfest, which has worked close with PVFM in the past and is excited to be working on this awesome open server weekend with Legends of Equestria! Midwest Bronyfest is excited to announce they will be offering a Legends of Equestria exclusive ticket that comes with a plushie of LoE's adorable mascot, so aptly named, Ellowee, available now! 
    If you are planning on attending Midwest Bronyfest don't forget you can save 15% on GA weekend, single day, and the LoE themed ticket using promo code "mwbfloe"!
    See you all this weekend over at Sugar Cane Corner bumping to the sweet sounds from PonyvilleFM!