• Come Join Us at 2:00 PM PST on Legends of Equestria!

    At 3:00 PM Today blog time (1 hour from now), we will be hanging out in Ponyville on the Amareicas server to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Equestria Daily, happening in a few days. Expect socks, Trixies, much clip clop as hooves dance all over the place. And of course, a bit of Q&A if we can keep up with chat this time.

    So far it's going to be 4 of us attending. Just look for the Trixie! I'm rockin' Sethisto Lulamoon as a name cause I can.

    Download the client over here

    (Thanks to everyone that came! Seems we overloaded things a few times, but when we could dance it was fun!)