• Episode Rewatch - Applebuck Season

    I've been waiting for this episode for our Rewatch series! As a lot of you know, I'm the resident AJ fan here on Equestria Daily and will stick up for her no matter what. As such, I'm proud to present the first single character episode for FiM which just happens to star everyone's silly pony Applejack.

    A good episode in its own right, 'Applebuck Season' gave rise to a meme or two that have stuck with the fandom to this day and served as a vehicle for AJ's character that has stuck with her ever since. If you need a dependable pony, you can count on Applejack!

    Check on after the break for 10 interesting scenes from Applebuck Season and rewatch the episode.

    Sorry for the later than usual rewatch! We got really occupied on Saturday and didn't have time. Look forward to the next rewatch on Saturday!

    Right off the bat we get to see AJ's love of apples and her farm. Not only that but we get to see her brother Big Mac whose humble beginnings have blossomed into touching scenes in season 5. This sort of scene of a Apple Family member sticking up for family continues as a core of AJs character throughout the series.

    One of the core characteristics of AJ is revealed early on as she saves the town from a stampeding herd of cattle. Throughout the series AJ has been seen as the second in command of the group, taking charge when Twilight is not around or out of commission. While saving the town from cattle seems a bit low key, well, heroes have to start somewhere.

    The moment we realize that ponies are herding other sentient species. Awkward...

    Organized horse is organized. A further example of Twilight's nerdy skills.

    Short Range Teleportation: Who needs legs when you can teleport everywhere! That and it saves on animation frames.

    Stop with the shaking...

    It's time...

    To Get Baking!

    The scene where Derpy proclaims her love for muffins, thus starting a meme that exists to this very day. Too bad they were for deadly muffins.

    And the creation of 'Baked Bads' emulated in a number of recipes on the web.

    Back when a bunny stampede was the worst thing to threaten Ponyville. Ahhh, times sure have changed, huh?

    And who could forget the original drama horses?

    Eventually even our strong AJ gives into the pressure of work and collapses. Sounds like many a time I had when I was back in grad school.

    Who needs apple bucking when a single unicorn can harvest your crops in about ten seconds. AJ girl, you need to hire some unicorn workers for a single day and then chill out the rest of the harvest season.

    Friendship saves the day and allows Sweet Apple Acres stock to soar to an all time high. (Plus I think Rainbow is giving you the 'look' here AJ).

    Heya Spike! Since you showed up late for bucking apples, no juice for you!

    As a first for single character episodes we were exposed to a solid showing staring AJ. Setting the stage for future character episodes in season 1 we started to get a feel for the wild ride that would be ahead of us.

    Stay tuned for next week when we dive into Griffon The Brush-Off. For now, check out Applebuck Season below!

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