• Pony History of the Day: Classic Pony Music - 2011

    You guys have spoken and these are here to stay! Thank you all for the positive reception for these little features, I'm quite excited to keep this one rolling and I'm glad to see you all are happy with it as well. We got a lot of suggestions last night so keep it up guys!

    For tonight we're going to be focusing a bit on some classics in the music scene. It seemed appropriate considering the recent discussion we've had about music and thanks to TGap, AlagomSwede, and Bolt The Super-Pony we've got a nice selection for you to jam out to tonight.

    Check on after the break for some music and make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments!

    Sunshine and Celery Stalks from Oct 13, 2011

    The popular SFM based on above from July 30, 2013

     DrDissonance from Sept 19, 2011

     WoodenToaster from May 27, 2011

    Re:Make from Aug 18, 2011

    The theme song for Friendship is Manly by General Mumble from Aug 28, 2011

    One of the first pony songs I listened to from Chain Algorithm on Feb 11, 2011

    The ever popular Discord by Eurobeat from Oct 6, 2011

    WoodenToaster from Oct 10, 2011

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