• Music of the Day #608 - And a New Requirements/Suggestion Gathering!

    Following up on that music editorial I posted the other day, we are still working on implementing some of the early, easy changes while figuring out the "new" music posts. One in particular is how this Music of the Day will work from here on out.

    Some things we need help deciding on: 

    • This post needs a new name so new people can easier tell the different between this and spotlight music. Training Grounds might not be the best idea for it. Any ideas? 
    • Should we be slightly more strict? Typically, Music of the Day is pretty open to anyone, but obviously this has had an effect on people giving it a shot when a good amount of it is kinda iffy.
    And from now on, we are requiring this included in the submit email for songs: 

    Vocal/Instrumental/Remix - Genre
    (Example: Vocal - Metal)

    This will go into effect in 4 days, so be sure to include that.

    Hopefully this helps improve these posts a bit. Until then, we have about 2 days of music to get through. Head on down below the break for music for part 1!

    [1] Source

    [Mlp Cover] It's A Pony Kind Of Christmas Group Collab Cover! (Christmas Special) by ~Silver Swirls~

    Christmas Music

    [2] Source

    Liquid Harmony-Groovy Christmas Fever by Liquid Harmony

    (no genre included - future submits require it!)

    [3] Source

    CrystalData - Hello, Aspen by CrystalData

    (no genre included - future submits require it!)

    [4] Source

    SquareHead - Best Night Ever ! by SquareHead

    (no genre included - future submits require it!)

    [5] Source

    SlightlyAmiss - Equestria (The Land I Love) - Cover by SrightryAmiss

    Remix - Cover

    [6] Source

    Crystal Slave - Rewrite the Future (Please Read Description) by Crystal Slave

    Vocal - Melodic Electronic

    [7] Source

    Universe - Kat Vwj (cover) by The Official Kat Vwj

    Vocal - Cover

    [8] Source

    Daniel Ingram - I'm Just A Pony (Violin Melody Remix) by Violin Melody

    Remix - Electronic

    [9] Source

    Flightless - Decorations by Flightless

    (no genre included - future submits require it!)

    [10] Source

    PegasYs feat. Midnight Melody - Dental Damn (R3CTIFIER Remix) by The Rectifier

    Glitch Hop / Dubstep