• Music of the Day #599

    Remember that one time when Gilda made Rainbow Dash join the Junior Speedsters Badminton team, but she couldn't hold the racket with her hooves and ended up getting booted? Bad times. I think that was actually the real beginning of their falling out.

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    GhostXb - Cello Confessions by GhostXb

    Progressive House

    [2] Source

    The Magic Inside (Silver Paradox Melodic Dubstep Remix) by Silver Paradox

    [3] Source

    Friends Are Always There (Silver Paradox DnB Remix) w/ video by Silver Paradox


    [4] Source

    The World As We Know It. by Afro Chicken


    [5] Source

    Daniel Ingram - The Spectacle (Redd Pony Remix) by Redd Pony


    [6] Source

    DJT - It Isn't (Riptide Remix) by RiptideMusicOfficial

    [7] Source

    Ataraxia - Among Angels / Austrila [THE WANDERER EP] by Ataraxia

    [8] Source

    ertrii - The Future by ertrii