• Drawfriend Stuff #1737 - Next on the Chopping Block

    Everyone keeps getting redeemed. Is Chrysalis next? Will we see a world where her and Celestia eat cake and sip tea while discussing global politics and changeling rights? Surely an army of shapechangers can find some niche in Ponyland in exchange for love food. The one from Slice of Life seemed perfectly content feeding off a wedding.

    Get your art storm below!

    [1] Source

    Tea and Sweets with Chrysalis and Celestia by LateCustomer

    [2] Source

    Hearth's Warming Eve by Rariedash

    [3] Source

    Full view! Thunder and steel by LillyCheese

    [4] Source

    #dm29HolidayHorse Day 8: Luna, Celestia + Raven by dm29

    [5] Source

    Two Princesses by MixiePie

    [6] Source

    Full view! The Dragon Inside by LillyCheese

    [7] Source

    [AT] Warmer feeling by LillyCheese

    [8] Source

    Will you be my Special Some Princess? by SapphireSong46

    [9] Source

    Sombra 6hr color by Baron-Engel

    [10] Source

    Timeless Sentiment by HungrySohma16

    [11] Source

    STAY OFF by Fist-Butter

    [12] Source

    Power. by KarmaMoonshadow

    [13] Source

    Starlight Glimmer: A Pony Reformed by Bow2YourWaifu

    [14] Source

    FIGHT by Solar-claw

    [15] Source

    Harry Potter and the Perplexing Pony Plane by AnaduKune

    [16] Source

    Regal Celestia portrait - Dec 6th by viwrastupr

    [17] Source

    The Sun's Tear - Dec 7th by viwrastupr

    [18] Source

    Queen Chrysalis portrait by Lunar-White-Wolf

    [19] Source

    Nightmare Moon revenge by LyraSenpaiSketchBook

    [20] Source

    Star War by XeviousGreenII

    [21] Source

    cute little pony by LunacordLover

    [22] Source

    Battle! (Arizona Cow vs Applejack) by Tsitra360

    [23] Source

    OC commission by PonyGoddess

    [24] Source

    EQLA charity cover by PonyGoddess

    [25] Source

    Don't joke with Twilight by LightOF-Dawn

    [26] Source

    [seasons]autumn by ciciya9318

    [27] Source

    [seasons]winter by ciciya9318

    [28] Source

    [seasons]summer by ciciya9318

    [29] Source

    [seasons]spring by ciciya9318

    [30] Source

    All That Glitters by TheParagon

    [31] Source

    Rarity by TheParagon

    [32] Source

    Muffin by TheParagon

    [33] Source

    Embrace Your Colors by SilentWulv

    [34] Source

    by justanotherluna

    [35] Source

    Relaxation by SketchyPencil326

    [36] Source

    alicorn sunset by faycoon

    [37] Source

    by kolshica

    [38] Source

    Razzle Dazzle by Ayakya

    [39] Source

    by xishka

    [40] Source

    by bobdude0

    [41] Source

    Countess Coloratura by caliginousmane

    [42] Source

    Lunar Mothpony by Hollulu

    [43] Source

    The Force is calling for you by SilberSternenlicht

    [44] Source

    Tatzl-tired by Heir-of-Rick

    [45] Source

    Timberjack VS Flutterbat by HoshiNoUsagi

    [46] Source

    Moon's Royalty by KikiNeko14

    [47] Source

    Happy Birthday Seth! by PixelKitties

    And some awesome TRIXIE from Pixelkitties. Only the best people in the fandom have Great and Powerful best ponies!

    Source - 48-42

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