• Luna Day: Animations/Music/PMVs

    Luna has had a great assortment of music, PMVs, and animations done with her (and her sis) over the years! Today in celebration of Luna Day here are some old videos to hit you right in the nostalgia. We've got everything from the classic Children of the Night to some of the first Luna tribute fan music created by iamnotacleverpony from way back in 2011!

    Of course this is just a small sample of fan pieces created for the Princess of the Night, comprised of entries you guys sent in and ones I remembered. So feel free to share your favorite Luna animations, music and PMVs in the comments!

    Also, a big thanks to DragonM97HD for the banner!

    [1] Source

    Children of the Night by Duo Cartoonist

    [2] Source

    MLP Animation - Luna Starts A Gunfight by Dori-to Pony

    [2] Source

    Children of the Night by Duo Cartoonist

    [3] Source

    Luna's Cake MLP Animation by Lunar Studios

    [4] Source

    [PMV] Bring Me To Life by Edward - Luna

    [5] Source

    Night Time Melody by n3k1dsk1llz

    [6] Source

    I Will Not Bow - (PMV) [Princess Luna Tribute 1080p] by Miss Luna

    [7] Source

    For The New Lunar Republic (Fan Music) by iamnotacleverpony

    [8] Source

    Daylight's End by SFS Animation

    [9] Source

    Luna - Behind Blue Eyes (PMV) by artartyom100

    [10] Source

    [PMV] Princess Luna - Falling inside the black by Mesu Yoru

    [11] Source

    Princess Luna pmv - Sleeping Sun by Lucy Cyclone

    [12] Source

    PMV: Luna Does Not Need a Microphone (Tenacious D) by scienceandponies

    [13] Source

    Lower The Moon (Fan Music) by iamnotacleverpony

    [14] Source

    Luna's Let it go -Frozen- My little pony (PARODY) ¡DESCRIPCIƓN! by Martu la Shida

    [15] Source

    Luna's Lullaby, Celestia's Lament ~ Original MLP:FIM Fan Song by Star Charmer

    [16] Source

    MLP Luna PMV - Liberi Fatali by Derivative MVs

    [17] Source

    Aurelleah - Lunaria [Majestic Orchestral] by Aurelleah

    [18] Source

    The Stars Will Aid Her Escape (Fan Music) by iamnotacleverpony


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