• Drawfriend Stuff #1729 - Extra Tacos

    Taking a quick AJ break for some giant Drawfriend postage! Once again we break the 50 mark. Good work everyone! Calpain has a giant Appleajck themed art post set for a bit later.  Go get some tacos.

    And some art below.

    [1] Source

    Late Night With Sonata by AllyClaw

    [1] Source

    RaraJack by BronyCooper

    [3] Source

    Pinkie Pie by conbudou

    [4] Source

    Glimmer of Hope by TheAsce

    [5] Source

    Almost persuaded by Jowybean

    [6] Source

    MLP Flowers of Harmony -The Apple Family by kelseyleah

    [7] Source

    MLP - Alternate Future Rainbow Dash by caycowa

    [8] Source

    Beyond Just Seeing by HungrySohma16

    [9] Source

    Alternate timeline Zecora by Konsumo

    [10] Source

    I Am Just a Pony by Daniel-SG

    [11] Source

    I Bring You a Song by Crecious

    [12] Source

    Good morning Scoots by Rameslack

    [13] Source

    Archmage Sunset's Last Stand by meto30

    [14] Source

    future dash by Sugaryumyum

    [15] Source

    Double Diamond by GiNeTtA97

    [16] Source

    rainbow power fluttershy by Jaw2002

    [17] Source

    War never changes by LittleHybridShila

    [18] Source

    Chibi AJ - BUCK ALL Y'ALL by SymbianL

    [19] Source

    The Background Dancers by AllyClaw

    [20] Source

    What a bad morning by Falcotte

    [21] Source

    Together Forever by PastelMistress

    [22] Source

    The Ashlands by SilFoe

    [23] Source

    Fanart - MLP. Applejack, Equestrian Soldier by jamescorck

    [24] Source

    Rainbow Dash by Taneysha

    [25] Source

    Accidentally in Love by Pia-sama

    [26] Source

    Impressed Ham by dm29

    [27] Source

    #dm29HolidayHorse Day 1: Apple Bloom + Applejack by dm29

    [28] Source

    lol by Marenlicious

    [29] Source

    Winter waifu by SilberSternenlicht

    [30] Source

    Crystal War timeline Rainbow dash by wingedwolf94

    [31] Source

    Tears of Joy by NotEnoughApples

    [32] Source

    AppleRage by MyLittleSuki

    [33] Source

    Santa Hats are Dumb by Johansrobot

    [34] Source

    Countess Coloratura by conbudou

    [35] Source

    Countess Coloratura - Her way of success by Rariedash

    [36] Source

    First Snow by FidzFox

    [37] Source

    cutie marks! by Sverre93

    [38] Source

    Applejack Day 2015 by harwicks-art

    [39] Source

    Sisters by Sugarcup91

    [40] Source

    Flirt by vanille913

    [41] Source

    [Changeling Book Side Art] Daring Do's Dream by vavacung

    [42] Source

    Comm: Wooden Work by pridark

    [43] Source

    (CM) Princely dude by lana-jay

    [44] Source

    Golden Scarab and Tanny The Tanzanite Gemony by Silent-Shadow-Wolf

    [45] Source

    countess coloratura by xWhiteDreamsx

    [46] Source

    by lemon-scentpony

    [47] Source

    Chrysalijack by thediscorded

    [48] Source

    The cutest little clown by LunacordLover

    [49] Source

    Cloudchaser by wildberry-poptart

    [50] Source

    Teenage Octavia and Vinyl by Shimazun

    [51] Source

    Friendship is the Key by AmberLumines

    [52] Source

    Let the magic in my heart stay true~ by rokonicorn