• AJ Day: Cosplay Compilation

    I've been to a fair share of conventions and I must say one of the most popular characters to dress up as has to be AJ. Maybe it's because all you really need are some good cowboy boots, a flannel shirt and some denim and you're good to go in some cases. It also helps she has such an extended family too, so everyone you know can come to a con as a different Apple!

    Get a bunch of wonderful cosplays after the break, helpfully compiled by TsfDeymos!

    New banner by the talented Harwick!

    [1] Source

    Southern girl - Applejack cosplay by Voldiesama

    [2] Source

    MLP: Applejack by dukesawolf

    [3] Source

    Applejack by amaiCherry

    [4] Source

    I Maed Dis by VividlyVictoria

    [5] Source

    Midday Work by AllyZeurille

    [6] Source

    Applejack by SavageExplosive

    [7] Source

    Apple Jack , a tail! by shsh123p

    [8] Source

    Contemplating by AllyZeurille

    [9] Source

    Apples to the Core by dukesawolf

    [10] Source

    omg, pineapple it is not apple by Asterateya

    [11] Source

    Apple sisters by Zach-kun

    [12] Source

    AppleJack and FlutterShy by Laura-Row

    [13] Source

    I had it framed! [ArtemisMoonCosplay+Shadeila] by bipole

    [14] Source

    Resting by Aireko-san

    [15] Source

    Gala Applejack [With Big Mac] by AllyZeurille

    [16] Source

    Applejack cosplay by KayhoEsoxn

    [17] Source

    No Time for Bein' Serious by Kitty-ChanCatorie

    [18] Source

    Applejack by Tikalie-Wolf

    [19] Source

    ALA 2015 - Applejack by CancerTrollKarkat

    [20] Source

    AppleJack MLP by Asterateya

    [21] Source

    Apple Jack by rmtakesover

    [22] Source

    The Family That Picks Together Sticks Together by Naomi-Daos

    [23] Source

    The Apple Family by ChaskaWolf

    [24] Source

    Applejack Steampunk Book Mark by CherrySteam

    [25] Source

    Apple Jack by MinnieVantas

    [26] Source

    Howdie every pony! by BluuBell

    [27] Source

    Apple by PurplePlumInc

    [28] Source

    Everfree NW 2015 32 by ArcticShadowFox

    [29] Source

    Applejack by Aireko-san

    [30] Source

    AJ Cosplay 2 by Auradria

    [31] Source

    AppleJack by Arichka

    [32] Source

    Katsucon 2015 - Applejack 2 by VideoGameStupid

    [33] Source

    Applejack cosplay by The-horse-rider

    [34] Source

    Applejack 1 by dragonslayero

    [35] Source

    Thinkin 'bout apples by Nenimefish

    [36] Source

    Applejack 3 by SaunaMaku

    [37] Source

    Applejack 14 by Satene-san

    [38] Source

    We're Apples To the Core! by Sirus-XIII

    [39] Source

    Two of the Range. by Generalsupertoad

    [40] Source

    AppleJack cosplay by evil--cupcake

    [41] Source

    Applejack by Wave-Realm

    [42] Source

    MLP - The Apple Family by Baka-Tama

    [43] Source

    Morning light by SewingInTheRain

    [44] Source

    Apple sisters by Zach-kun

    [45] Source

    AppleJack cosplay (My Little Pony) #03 by Phobos-Cosplay

    [46] Source

    How ya like them Apples by VividlyVictoria

    [47] Source

    AJ Cosplay by Auradria

    [48] Source

    Anime Milwaukee 2015: Applejack by CosplaybyT-Chan

    [49] Source

    AJ and Mooneyes by PrettyKitty

    [50] Source

    Applejack from My Little Pony by ThereSheIsxCosplay

    [51] Source

    MLP: FiM - Relaxing on a Warm, Sunny Day by LlamaWorshipper

    [52] Source

    Apple Jack Missing the Country by HimeCrycho

    [53] Source

    MLP: Applejack (4) by FantaliaEPGC

    [54] Source

    Katsucon 2015 - Applejack 1 by VideoGameStupid

    [55] Source

    Apple Jack and Rarity by MinnieVantas

    [56] Source

    Cosplay: Applejack, DragonCon Tourist by TempestFae

    [57] Source

    Applejack by neko-taylour

    [58] Source

    AppleJack Cosplay by CancerTrollKarkat

    [59] Source

    Applejack cosplay by The-horse-rider

    [60] Source

    Applejack: Nappin' by pixiedustling

    [61] Source

    Just me sitting in a tree by Snowdrop4ever

    [62] Source

    Applejack and the General Lee by Judhudson

    [63] Source

    Mistress Mare-velous Cosplay by MelchiorFlyer

    [64] Source

    Howdy! - MLP: FiM by LlamaWorshipper

    [65] Source

    Steampunk Applejack by Smerkalot

    [66] Source

    BronyCon 2015 - Applejack by joeyh3

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