• BronyStudy Prosocial Survey of the Pony Community!

    BronyStudy has returned with a brand new survey that takes a look at the prosocial behaviors and charitable giving of the pony community! They hope to use this data to compare with other fandoms out there to see where we fall in the charity/prosocial spectrum.

    Plus, if you complete the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for one of several $50 gift cards for Amazon.com! So check on after the break for more details!

    Hello, my name is Daniel (Professor Uponium) and I am one of the members of BronyStudy in addition to working on the upcoming book, my part in the BronyStudy group is primarily ongoing research, specifically in comparison to other fan groups and I would like to ask everypony's help on this new survey examining charitable giving and prosocial behaviors. 

    For your time and participation in this survey, you will be eligible to enter your e­mail into a draw for the chance to win one of several $50 gift certificates to Amazon.com (your odds of winning the gift card are based on the number of entries and are estimated at 1 in 200). Your email entry will not be linked to your responses in any way to preserve your anonymity.

    We thank you again for your continued support regarding our research! 
    - Professor Uponium

    Twitter: Calpain