• "What About Discord": Episode Followup

    New Discord episode aired this past week. Fluttercord statue arrived from WeLoveFine on the same day.

    No it's not my birthday, but I seriously wish it was.

    Hope you're all ready because the "What About Discord": Episode Followup starts right after the break!

    You're still here? Well? What are you waiting for? Discord wait's for no one and I've already started messing with the screenshots.


    Spike, do yourself a favor. The next time Twilight wants to reshelve the library, make sure she piles all the books into a single Aggro Crag. The three mini aggros don't quite work for seeing if you have guts.

    Hmmmm. Twin peeks and an owl are visible in this shot. Eh I'm sure it's probably nothing. Though why Owlowiscious is making that face is a mystery to me.

    Every gamer and their mother knows exactly how accurate these reactions are after spending a solid weekend in the basement gaming online. 

    I always had a feeling that the speeds that Rainbow Dash flew at were ludicrous.

    I can't tell. Is Spike worried about Twilight and knows that this day is about to plunge into another one of Twilight's bouts of crazy, or is he worried about Discord and the possibility that his brain might have few into his legs?

    Considering that Discord's first actions against the Mane 6 were to get them to "trust in him" this really doesn't surprise me at all. I will be stunned, however, if Discord (Friendship Rattler) doesn't show up as a card in a future expansion of the CCG Game.

    Now if only the coyote had this much luck when trying to chase the roadrunner. Meep! Meep!

    Here we see Agent Sweetie Drops break all division regulations and show her "Best Friend" Lyra the secret entrance to her safe-house bunker at the Ponyville well. 

    And this is the moment when Spike realized that the workload from the previous three days was only just the beginning of his torment. For some reason, I usually have this exact same face every Wednesday afternoon.

    …well. Uh.... huh. That's… yeah. I got nothing. And really, what can you say to dat face!

    Sticking toy ponies inside candy chocolate oranges would probably sell like hotcakes in the states. You know, if the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act doesn't make selling such a product (or bringing said product over the border) a crime with a potential fine of $2,500 per egg product.

    …stupid advertising for products that can't be bought in the U.S.. Why must you show in American Canadian Cartoons?

    "Now then, let's come right down in here and put some nice strong arms on these trees. Trees needs an arm too. It'll hold up the weight of the forest, Little bird has to have a place to set there. There he goes…"—Discord (The Joyful Painter) Coming soon to an Enterplay CCG Expansion.

    Discord (Element of Honesty). Future MLP CCG expansion card #3.

     I've heard rumors about this sticky yet delicious sandwich that results when mixing peanut better with jelly. I wonder if this means that Discord has met Hughbert Jellius?

    Either eating rubies causes the cheeks to expand drastically or Spike has the Mumps. Though the possibility also exists that Spike is just trying to get some semblance of a normal day out of Twilight's latest trip around the bend, but seriously what are the odds of that happening?

    Ohhhh. Now I see. Clearly it was indigestion! For some reason, gas passed from a dragon causes colorful winged unicorn equines to go a little loopy.

    Speaking of loops, here we see Pinkius Pieicus celebrating the sixtieth anniversary (two days belated) of when a boy arrived back in 1955 and nearly caused the granddaddy of all grandfather paradoxes.

    I guess Starlight is just feeling out of place as a Barbie girl in this pony world. Why else would she spend so much time spying on a bald yellow xaiolin monk who can turn into ten different aliens whenever he makes a wish to his two pet goldfish?

    Seriously Starlight, it's like you're not even trying to be subtle. You used to be so good at this spy shtick. (Starlight Glimmer vector by IvaCatheriaNoid

    Girls, Discord is clearly bleeding out here. he'll be dead in a few minutes if that isn't treated immediately. Girls? Why are you all just staring in morbid fascination? Girls? Girls! GIRLS!!! 

    Now that's just not fair! How does Discord get to make the Twilight Sparkle Spirit Hood ($150 + shipping order here) look so good, and yet looks so silly on the rest of us?

    Not one to be outdone by Pinkius Pieicus, Draco Chaosicus has decided to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary (two days belated) of when an inventor turned would be time traveler was shot dead by Libyan rebels in the Twin Pine Mall Parking Lot. 

    I wonder who Twilight is writing that letter to. Possibly the Hasbro MLP Toyline executives with a brilliant new idea to sell Discord dress up dolls.

    And would you look at that! He's gone through three complete outfit changes over the course of two minutes. This idea of Twilight's is sure to be a gold mine!

     What's this?! The latest NASDAQ numbers for Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) are coming in! But the exchange doesn't open until Monday morning!

    Apparently stock futures are in! Hasbro stock is project to fall 13 points in early trading should this idea go through!

    Seems like Hasbro's investors don't like the idea of playing dress-up with the the most popular male character on the show. Better luck next time Twilight.

    Just look at how beautiful the sunrise is over The My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset (now only $29.99 at Toys R Us).

    Twilight, you really need to let the Discord Dress-up doll failure go. You're scaring Spike. I'm sure you're next will be an instant hit though!

    Introducing a brand new character to the series?! Who is not a pony but is pony like! And is a zebra! WHO RHYMES!!!! Named… Zecora? Doesn't Hasbro already have one of those? I can't be sure. It feels like it's been thirty-four stories since we last heard a character talk like that.

    Meanwhile at The Legion of Doom Twilight's Council of Friendship, Twilight's friends have all gather around King Arthur's Princess Twilight's Round Table like some sort of band of gallant friendship knights. With them all gathered here, I wonder if this means that the girls are about to be sent on a new friendship mission.

    Pinkie that wasn't a… 




    And Twilight, I know losing out on toyline ideas (twice) to Hasbro was hard but really is going to the bottle the solution your looking for?

    Oh… you're looking to share the bottle. With your friends… with bendy straws. And a really… really… Spike. Write to Princess Celestia. Now!

    And apparently the bottle is bottomless. Judging by Spike's face, this sort of thing happens to him on a fairly regular basis.

    "It was an interesting morning, fruitful. But it lacked teh intensity that you and I generate together, the sparks that we get one-on-one. We gotta figure out a way to work around your schedule. Could we work afternoons? Two to four? Three to five? Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?"—Discord (Unstable Psychiatrist) Also coming soon to an Enterplay CCG Expansion.

    Discord, we know that Crystal Thrones make you look fat. You're old throne was far more slimming, and suited your chaotic personality. Though the crown is a nice improvement.

    …well. Definitely wasn't expecting a Dudley Do-Right shout out in the middle of Discord's "confession." Then again, considering that Nell Fenwick had great affection for Horse, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that Discord would personify the embodiment of cartoon evil as Snidely Whiplash.

    And kids, if you have no idea what I'm talking about ask your parents about The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

    Yes Discord, Twilight forgives you. Jean-Luc wouldn't have, but let us be thankful that Twilight isn't a bald Frenchman with a very strong British accent.

    And that's it for me. While the episode wasn't Discord's finest outing (that spot still goes to The Return of Harmony Parts 1 & 2) most of the visual gags were highly enjoyable. And while the story itself suffers from a few story related issues—most MLP episodes do and I'll let the analysis community pick those apart to their heart's—Neal Dusedau managed to successfully capture just what it feels like to be the person left out. Both from Twilight's perspective and from the perspective of the audience.

    So what's next on the docket? The Hooffields and McColts. Considering that the title of the episode is based on the historical 28 year feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys, I'm hopeful it's going to be a fun episode, Till next time, I'm The Illustrious Q. Peace and Long Life.