• Discussion: Which Fanfiction Would You Like to See Adapted as a Pony Movie or Series?

    Fanfiction is second only to art in terms of how many people are involved in it in this fandom. We've seen countless epics over the years, some drawing people further into pony than even the show can. I know a few people that don't even watch episodes anymore, sticking 100% to pony fics for their equine storytelling. While I'd never go that far, it's sort of a testament to how impactful they have been.

    Good news! That hypothetical Hasbro who bothers you every once in a while is back, and he needs YOU to decide on a side series or movie idea for them to run. He wants something pony fandom based, and anything will go.

    Which fanfic do you choose? An epic adventure across Equestria? A cheesy romance novel? Or just one of the simple Slice of Life stories? Decide in the comments!