• Timber Wolf, New Models and Upcoming Public Demo from Overmare!

    After some miscommunication and some other problems we're able to show you here at EqD two new great updates from the Fallout: Equestria game! First off we've got some good concept art as well as video of the 3D model for the Timber Wolf enemy in the game. It really looks like it will be one impressive looking enemy once it makes it into the game.

    Secondly, Overmare has released a new gallery of models that will be appearing in the game. Everything from character models, objects, buildings, and weapons are represented in the new gallery!

    And lastly, Overmare wants everyone to know they are busy preparing the public demo of the game, so just hold on a bit longer FoE fans!

    Find links to the Timber Wolf and models below.

    Timber Wolf Blog Post
    Model Updates

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