• EQD Suggestion Gathering Post! Tell Us What You Want!

    We are coming up on 5 years here of pony spotlight madness, and if I'm being honest, things have gotten a bit auto-pilot here. When a website is this old, it's hard to think of things to improve.

    That's where you all come in! Obviously a news site is somewhat limited on actual technical features it can add, but we are always looking for article ideas or general things you'd like to see us improve on or fix.

    More on that after the break!

    Some things we grabbed since the last time suggestion gathering happened:

    The list goes on! Time for round 2. We are coming up on the end of the year, and need to prep for some 2016.

    A few things we are considering:
    • Different submission criteria for Simple PMVS, as well as a name change 
    • Patreon so people can help us without turning ads on (thanks to everyone that doesn't block ads for now!) - Tell us any awards you think would be cool 
    • Music event
    • Video event
    • Plushies of Spotlight Splash and maybe Rocket Tier
    • More banners
    • Episode review (after followups)
    • More tools like the Game Index, Convention page, and Meetup map
    • More top 10's and editorials (give us ideas!)  
    • Improving the new podcast. We honestly don't have any experience with this, so its a learning thing. 

    I'll try to reply over the next few days to people down below! 

    So, what do you want to see us improve on? What article ideas or events do you have in mind? What have you seen us do that bothers you to no end? And have your friends left for any particular thing we do wrong?

    Hit the comments up!