• Story: Broken on the Wheel


    Author: billymorph
    Description: With only a broken wagon, seventeen bits, and a shattered reputation to her name it seemed that the world could not grind The Great and Powerful Trixie down any further. When an old friend offered Trixie the opportunity to start again, with a heavy bag of bits to help her back on her hooves, she grudgingly accepted. All that was required was a little magical assistance; no schemes, no cursed amulets, no risk of getting banished to the moon.
    They never told her the ritual was to summon the Nightmare back to Equestria. Now, as the Nightmare’s new host, all that stands between Equestria and eternal darkness is the determination of Trixie Lulamoon, a mare who already lost everything for the sake of power. In her quest to maybe save the world, and certainly save herself, Trixie will explore the depth to which power can corrupt and the lengths ponies will go to possess it. It’s that, or break on life’s wheel.
    Broken on the Wheel

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