• Poll Results: You Are Offered A Chance to Become a Pony and Go to Equestria! Do You Change Gender?

    Creepy Lyra presents: poll results. We got some pretty interesting information out of this one even if it was a pretty admittedly bad poll. (We need poll ideas, recommend them in the comments!).

    Even if there seemed to be more males voting than females overall, the males were more likely to switch genders, with a tiny amount wanting to switch on the female side. And amazingly enough, only 7% of you would stay human and not go to ponyland. I guess the megafans remain?


    Following up on that discussion post the other day,  a few people recommended we poll it.

    Do you want to see Starlight Glimmer redeemed?

    Hit it up on the side bar, and get the results of this one below!