• MLP: CCG - Winter Charity Events and Store Champs Maps!

    High Magic Prerelease weekend was a big hit, but don't hold your horses, there are still plenty of MLP: CCG events coming this year! Spirit of Giving Events and Store Championships are at hobby shops around the US and Canada, ranging from this weekend all the way through January, and you can get some promo cards and donate to local charities while playing the game.

    Spirit of Giving Events Map
    Store Championships Map

    From the Facebook post:
    Spirit of Giving Events are scheduled around real life and Equestrian holidays, focused on helping to feed the hungry while having fun. Each player at a Spirit of Giving Event receives a special foil Pf8 Pinkie the Party Planner. We encouraged hobby shops to include a can of food in their entry fee for these events, so be sure to reach out to your local shop to check the time and what kind of donation you should bring in.

    The Spirit of Giving Events are held:
    Share 'n' Care - November 20 to 22
    Hearth's Warming Eve - December 11 to 13

    Fall Store Championships are your chance to try out your new deck strategies, snag some great promo cards, and maybe even win an invite to the 2016 Continental Championships! Each participant at a Fall Store Championship gets a special foil Pf6 Octavia, Harsh Judge, and the Top 8 players at each gets the new special foil Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers.

    Fall Store Championships are Harmony format, and include the use of High Magic cards as of Friday, 12:01AM local time. And don't forget, the Top 2 players at each will receive an invitation to the Continentals next year!