• AJ Day in Two Weeks!

    With how busy I have been I thought I wouldn't be able to get AJ Day in before the end of fall, but it looks like I managed to squeeze her before it was too horribly late. That's right guys, we're going to be having another AJ Day celebration to kick off the hiatus since things will undoubtedly start slowing down once it hits.

    What does this mean for those of you new to the event? Well, send in your favorite AJ pics, comics, videos, plushies, crafts, banners, ect both old and new to our submit box at [email protected] with the subject line leading with AJ Day so it can be properly sorted. You guys will have two weeks to send in what you can with AJ Day being on December 1st!

    While AJ Day was initially started during a bad time for our hard working apple horse, things have improved for her dramatically since then so I am thinking of expanded these types of days to include each of the main six as well.

    So what I'd like you guys to do is give me suggestions as to what special day or month you think works best for a particular pony! There are all sorts of themed months and days out there during the year so let me know when a good one fits a particular main six pony. (Don't worry about Spike, I already have a day planned for him each year!).

    Have fun guys!

    Twitter: Calpain