• John de Lancie Hints That the Next Hiatus May End In a Year

    Some potentially unfortunate news has arrived from John de Lancie's Twitter stream. During a tweet about two incoming MLP scripts he had worked on, he noted that a year was a long wait. When asked for a clarification, he dropped this:

    I asked and they said one year. I'm not sure how much of that is production as opposed to scheduling.

     This could mean a year from now, or a year once the season ends in a few weeks. It could also mean the discord episodes in particular will be a year from now or when the season ends. I think we all have our fingers crossed that it isn't actually a full year!

    Typically things aren't black and white when it comes to these shows airing, especially if the last round was any indication. A lot can change in the coming months. 

    Thanks to @KalloSkull for the heads up.