• High Magic - Trixie Trixies all the Trixies!

    With High Magic Prerelease Events coming as early as tomorrow in some areas (check out the US/Canada event map here), many of you will have 8 booster packs of High Magic in your hands soon! There's nothing quite like the excitement of cracking your first packs of a new set of cards and seeing the possibilities unfold.

    As you've probably noticed by now, lots of cards in High Magic focus on The Great and Powerful Trixie, and her many contributions to the world of Equestria. That's what today's article is all about: showing more than 10 cards that would make Trixie proud, including multiple new card reveals. Head on below the break for more breathtaking displays the likes of which have never been seen by ponykind!

    If you saw the theme deck article earlier this week, you know that Trixie's debut Mane Character card is found in the Steal the Show theme deck, and is a great start to an Event-heavy deck. Trixie likes to rule faceoffs with an iron hoof!

    But you haven't seen this before... This is the big one, the Royal Rare version of Trixie's all new Villain Troublemaker card, Trixie, Highest Level Unicorn! Not only does this Trixie come with the frightening benefits of being a Villain, but she also uses the Alicorn Amulet to hog the spotlight, removing abilities from Friends at her Problem so they can't fend her off. Ouch.

    Poor Snips and Snails felt the full brunt of Trixie's magical mayhem when she took over Ponyville. On these cards Trixie displays two powerful spells, combining two ponies into one and even using age magic, making it clear that she really IS the Highest Level Unicorn!

    Remember though, Snips and Snails weren't the only ones to suffer under Trixie's rule. Poor Pinkie lost her mouth, Spike was bounced around like a basketball, poor Mayor Mare was put in a cage, and Rarity was forced to sew for days while pegasi hung up Trixie's new banners all around town.

    Twilight and her friends had some tricks up their own sleeve, though. Especially Fluttershy, since in this disguise she actually had sleeves! And Pinkie will always be very, very Pinkie.

    Twilight showed Trixie up with even better magic... which, of course, was all just sleight of hoof. It worked out though, with the corrupt Alicorn Amulet replaced by one of Zecora's doorstops and Trixie coming to her senses.

    And now The Great and Apologetic Trixie is back on the road. Hopefully she's learned her lesson enough that she won't torment everypony, and just put on an awesome show that will earn her the fame and fans that she so clearly deserves!

    Trixie is just one of the subthemes of High Magic. Another major one is the dream world that Princess Luna helps to protected, plus a full assortment of Power Ponies Friends that pack quite a whallop! We'll take a look at more cards this week and next, so stay tuned!