• High Magic - Token Friends Hit the Ground Trotting!

    High Magic brings a lot of new fun to MLP: CCG, and the new Token Friends just might be the biggest addition!

    Friend Tokens aren't cards you put in your deck, they're created by other cards. For example, the Princess Luna above creates Figments. You use objects to represent them in play, like the Token Friend cards inside of theme decks, or stuff like dice, counters, or whatever works best for you.

    Head below the break to see cards that create Tokens in all six colors, including more new Super Rare card reveals!

    Spitfire is used to commanding Wonderbolts, so Wing Leader comes into play with three Pegasus Friend Tokens. Spitfire is a very efficient cost of 3 for 6 power, plus you get a flock of pegasi that can be moved around for only 1 action thanks to Swift.

    Maud Pie, Pet Rocks can quickly grow thanks to her Diligent 2, and you can either leave power counters on her or spend them to put Rocks into play. This is a great way to get a Friend at a Problem without spending actions to move around after a Problem faceoff!

    Minuette is amazing at making friends... and now she literally makes Friends! Play Friends from your hand to Minuette's location and you can then use the power of friendship (and some actions, of course) to make some new Earth Pony Friend Tokens and help take care of whatever Problems are at hand.

    Purple generally loves Event cards, and this Princess Luna gives Event-heavy decks even more ammo. Any time you play an Event–even an Immediate Event–you can pay an extra action to put a Figment into play. This can help change a useful Event into an incredibly useful Event, turning the tides in your favor.

    DJ Pon-3 and Octavia share the stage with this card, and their performance causes a crowd that makes it cost more to move characters there. That means your opponent will want to play Friends to the Problem instead of moving... and when they do, you get a free Unicorn Friend Token, who is Prepared to help out if your opponent starts a faceoff.

    No one should be surprised that Yellow's Friend Tokens are Critters, and Furball is one of the cards that creates them in High Magic. When you play Furball you get a Critter Token, and then thanks to Persistent if anything happens to get rid of Furball from play you can frighten it instead, which in turn gets you another free Critter Token you can put into play.

    One example is when you'd need to retire Furball at the end of your turn for being over your Home limit. You can frighten Furball instead (and even retire it afterward if you want) and get a free Critter Token.

    And something exciting about all of these Token Friends: if the card says "put a Friend Token into play" you can put them at home or at either Problem, which can let you suddenly put Friends at Problems at times and in ways you never have before!

    That's all for today, but stay tuned next week for the second theme deck article featuring The Great and Powerful Trixie, and a whole bunch of excellent card spoilers are we approach next week's prerelease weekend - click there to see the map of US and Canadian events!