• MLP: CCG High Magic Prerelease Map now Live!

    US and Canadian prerelease events for the next My Little Pony CCG expansion are on November 13-15, and the map of events is now live! High Magic brings a whole bunch of new fun to the game, from Token Friends like the awesome plastic Nightmare Moon Figment you see above, to the arrival of the Great and Powerful Trixie as a Mane Character and a Villain.

    Participants at a prerelease each get a special foil Pf1 A True, True Friend, as well your first chance to get 8 booster packs of High Magic. Each player will also get the exclusive Figment Friend Token card mentioned above, and the chance to play for more prizes.

    Head over here to see the map of High Magic Prerelease Events! (If your store isn't on the map be sure they've signed up, and if not they should contact op@enter-play.com by the end of day tomorrow.)

    Don't worry if this is your first event - you don't need to bring a deck to compete at prerelease events, and there are always helpful players who are willing to help teach newbies and even sometimes share extras of Commons and Uncommons they've collected!