• Tumblr Spotlight: Night Vanguard / Ask Cutup / The GunRunners / Four Inept Guard Ponies

    Phew, the tumblr list is getting shorter and shorter my friends! I spent a good part of the day sorting through old emails, weeding out dead tumblrs and ones I had already used but had not filed. We're down to 75 emails so with any luck if you sent in a tumblr to me at some point I'll be able to get to them relatively soon.

    In the meantime, we've got a nice batch of tumblrs suiting the Halloween theme this month, quite a few of them submitted to me awhile ago! If you're not in the Halloween mode we do have a silly tumblr for you guys to check out at the end of today's feature. So check on after the break for our latest edition of the tumblr spotlight!

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] or my Twitter for review and filing. Mature themed ones (PG-13) are welcome as well!

    Update: If you have been featured before and were in hiatus and are coming back you can inform me at [email protected]! I am starting a section at the end of spotlights that will point out tumblrs coming out of hiatus so people can check them out.

    Nothing like Luna and her royal guard to set the theme for Halloween, right?  Starring the elite squad of royal guard known as the Night Vanguard, the tumblr follows their adventures in the name of Princess Luna. Filled with cool weapon and armor designs, it's sure to touch the sweet spot of any action fan! It also shows a lot of progression over time, starting mainly with ponies and transitioning to anthro as the tumblr ages. Not only that, the tumblr itself gets a bit more mature as time goes on as well.

    Check it out below! A little warning, some material can enter into the PG-13 territory.

    Night Vanguard - Current Page - First Page

    Next up is a tumblr for those of you into the FNAF fandom! Ask Cutup stars the somewhat mysterious stallion Cutup and his Freak Show, a tent filled with all sorts of bizarre and horrifying spectacles. Taking a lot of nods from FNAF and giving it its own spin on things, Ask Cutup is sure to please those looking for something a little bit creepy in their pony.

    Ask Cutup - Current Page - First Page

    The GunRunners

    We all know how Pinkie gets when she is down, so what happens to her when she enters a dark, apocalyptic type world? In this darker twist on Pinkie Pie's character she takes the role of The GunRunner, a seller of munitions, weapons, and protection to any pony with the right number of bits. Join her and her gang of friends as they run their business in a dangerous land.

    Mild warning for language.

    The GunRunners - Current Page - First Page - First Story

    After all the darker tumblrs today we've got a sillier one to end the night on! Four Inept Guard Ponies has been going on for a long time (so if you don't like the style of the header above, take note that it was made 3 years ago and I just thought it was silly enough to use as header), filling more than 40 pages full of guard pony shenanigans. Ever wonder why the royal guard has problems during any sort of major catastrophe? Well, maybe these four can shine a bit of light on that.

    Ask For Inept Guard Ponies - Current Page - First Page