• Discussion: What Kind of Foal Should Shining Armor and Cadance Have?

    It looks like the news is officially out! These two are having a foal.We have no idea what it will actually be, and it doesn't look like any of the future episodes of this season are going to reveal that. Outside of Princess Skyla creeping her oddly shaped little head into the world of merchandise a while back, there haven't been any hints.

    So, good peolpe of the fandom with all of your wonderful fan-based ideas, it is time to choose! Prince or Princess X is a blank slate, and you need to decide their fate!

    Should it be a male? A female? Or is Shining Armor actually Chrysalis and Cadance is surprised to find a changeling pop out? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

    Choose the race, choose the sex, and give it a destiny in the comments below!