• Tony Fleecs MLP: FF #24 SPOC Sneak Peek!

    Lots of sneak peeks today… and that has absolutely nothing to do with me not keeping up with the various IDW Artists as they post stuff.

    *shifty eyes*

    Anyways, Tony Fleecs has tossed up a couple of sneak peeks on his Instagram account showcasing some of his interior work on Friends Forever #24. If you don't like cute little pieces of flying bacon, ham, pork loin, pork chops, spareribs, and baby back ribs you may definitely want to avoid what's below the break.

    As for me, for some reason I wish I was currently in Dallas with the rest of fandom for an after Nightmare Nights sweet Texas Barbecue.

    A photo posted by Tony Fleecs (@tonyfleecs) on

    A photo posted by Tony Fleecs (@tonyfleecs) on