• "Hearthbreakers": Episode Followup


    The holidays bring us all together to celebrate and give thanks, then get torn apart by dumb family arguments that no one even remembers how they started. Apparently ponies go through the same things each year, how relatable!

    It's the perfect time of year to sing Nightmare Before Christmas carols and dive right into a followup all about the Pies, the Apples, and Hearth's Warming Eve!

    They literally turned The Castle of Friendship into a Christmas Hearth's Warming tree. It looks pretty cute actually, with a giant Apple Bloom bow on top and everything.

    Good ol' Pinkie, still thinking inside the chimney.

    Speaking of "pretty cute," these are great. And as I'm typing this, someone out there is "hoof" crocheting them right now.

    Pfff, and everyone wondered why Spike is a dog in Equestria Girls...

    If only Spike had an episode where he had to tell somepony a harsh truth and learned a valuable lesson about it, maybe he'd just tell Twilight that he wants something besides books? Eh, maybe next year.

    "Bye Applejack! Bye Pinkie Pie! Have a nice episode!"

    Our storyboarders are amazing, as always. Here we have excellent homages to the classic holiday films Home Alone and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Luckily, all four hooves on both the ponies in the back are visible. We wouldn't want our reference to go a little too far.

    Surely this isn't symbolic of the events about to transpire in the episode. Surely!

    "Triumphant, they raised a new flag to celebrate all three tribes, and Equestria was born!"

    Yes, because all three tribes have horns and can control celestial bodies. Seems legit.

    No Pinkie! Save it for all the MarbleMac later in the episode!

    That's the correct reaction, Applejack. We can see Pinkie's front hooves there, and we can sort of assume that she's standing on her back hooves, so, uh... Screw it, math is hard.

    The face of sheer excitement.

    I was worried the Pies wouldn't decorate at all, but this is actually kind of nice! The lights are simple yet go well with the snow and those gleaming crystals.

    And now it's time to meet the madness that is... The Pie Family.

    "Y'all gabbin' with words real funny-like!"

    Credit to the Pie parents for not stoning her right then and there.

    Credit to Big Mac for not kicking Limestone through Holder's Boulder right then and there.

    And credit to DHX for making everyone's new waifu right then and there.

    This is a pretty fair reaction to being confronted with this instead of hot rolls and pot pie. Still, the Apples should give it a shot, just in case it totally rocks.

    Applejack comes to the shocking realization that it's rock-alphabet soup.

    Rock-alphabet-pumpkin soup?! Even Pinkie is aghast.

    Limestone Pie: Professional Sadist.

    DHX stahp, you don't know what you're doing! Oh nevermind, they know exactly what they're doing.

    Applejack. Gleep and Gloop from esoteric 1960's cartoons. COINCIDENCE?! yeah probably


    Your grandmother makes this face, too.

    You're welcome!

    "Have you ever wished you could turn into a rock?"

    Headcanons confirmed!

    We all know the older sibling gets the top bunk, but c'mon Big Mac. You just had a whole episode about bonding with your little sister; don't squander all that by smothering her in her sleep.

    I hope I'm not the only one who can relate to waking up with this EXACT face once a year when I was a kid!

    "I know they have their traditions, and we have ours, but I just want them to see how much better theirs could be..."

    Applejack, don't rock the boat!

    How could you say no to this face?

    Unless you're Limestone Pie.

    "Don't make me choose!"

    Poor Pinkie. D:

    You deserve this for making Pinkie cry, Limestone. YOU DESERVE THIS.

    Granny Smith finally explains why the Pie family seems so addicted to rocks. And we find out that Holder's Boulder is a ticking dragon-bomb waiting to explode.

    Luckily, Applejack does the responsible thing and brings everypony back to where the "boulder" is waiting to hatch. Hurray!

    The face of sheer exertion.

    Okay, fine, I admit it, Limestone is kind of cute when she does the patented Rainbow Dash Smile.

    These aren't half-bad, either. It's fun to look at each of them and recognize who each one is supposed to be.

    Especially the last one. It's an uncanny resemblance.

    The screenshot that sailed a thousand Googles of "is it legal for cousins to get married."

    "I got a rock."

    The face of sheer poetry.

    This was a fun one! It's been a long wait to meet Pinkie's family, and they turned out to be very similar to Pinkie in totally different ways, all extremes in one way or another.

    Seeing how different ponies in Equestria enjoy the same day of the year adds a nice bit of depth to the world that is always a welcome addition to the show, and the callbacks to rock poetry and bookhorse gifting didn't even feel gratuitous! All in all, a solid Halloween holiday episode!

    Have a great week, everyone. Tune in next Sunday for Aquaman's terrifying return to the followup writer's desk!


    P.S. OTP