• My Little Pony CCG Charity Events and Fall Championships

    My Little Pony CCG is ramping up the play this fall with Store Championships and charity-inspired Spirit of Giving Events! The two Spirit of Giving Events are "Share 'n' Care" on November 20-22 and "Hearth's Warming Eve" on December 11-13, and organizers are encouraged to have attendees bring a can of food to give to a local food bank. Each player gets a promo foil card to commemorate the event.

    The Fall Store Championships are October 30 - January 10, and the Top 2 at each get an invitation to the 2016 Continental Championships! Each player also gets a promo foil of Octavia, Harsh Judge and the Top 8 each get a promo foil Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers.

    Stores should sign up for these events ASAP, so players should direct their local store organizers to these sign up forms soon! The application for Spirit of Giving events are here, and the application for Fall Store Championships are here.

    Check out below the break for the full announcement!

    From Enterplay's Facebook:

    We're pleased to announce a whole lot more My Little Pony CCG fun to fill the rest of 2015 and right on into the New Year - everyone is invited to our Fall Store Championships and the 2015 Spirit of Giving Events!

    Fall Store Championships are your chance to try out all those new Equestrian Odysseys (and upcoming High Magic) cards and snag some great promo cards! These events will be in the Harmony format.

    Each participant at a Fall Store Championship receives a copy of the Octavia, Harsh Judge promo foil, and the Top 8 players at each gets the new promo foil version of Snips & Snails, Problem Solvers. Fall Store Championships are also your first chance to qualify for the 2016 Continental Champs - the Top 2 players at each will receive an invitation to the Continentals.

    Spirit of Giving Events are scheduled around real life and Equestrian holidays, focused on helping to feed the hungry. We encourage all stores to have the entry fee include a can of food to be given away to a local food bank or shelter. Each event will include a participation card for each player. The two 2015 Spirit of Giving Events are-

    Share 'n' Care - November 20 to 22
    Hearth's Warming Eve - December 11 to 13

    High Magic will come out just in time for you to make up all new decks and strategies to take on the excitement of store championships and enjoy the fun of sharing and caring. Be sure your store is hosting these events by sending them to these sign-ups ASAP-

    Fall Store Championships: http://conta.cc/1JD7yvw
    Spirit of Giving Events: http://conta.cc/1QN84wp