• Discussion: Create an Episode and Synopsis for Season 6!

    Season 5 is nearing it's end, and season 6 is currently under construction over at DHX. Last May we ran a discussion asking you all to think up some episodes and synopsis, and some of the ideas were surprisingly similar to what we saw so far this time around...

    Lets summon up that hypothetical Hasbro executive again, with his blank checks and love of your ridiculous pony knowledge. He's looking for ideas for season 6, and you all are going to supply them!

    Below the break in the comments, think of an episode title and a synopsis for it. Want to see Fluttershy's brother and eventual dragon form?! Or maybe Echo needs to defend Halloweshades and her fellow batpony brethren from the tyrannical Gehrman...but it was all a dream! The possibilities are endless.

    Head on down below and get to work!

    If you are lazy, or lack creativity, THUMBS UP your favorites others create. We can take the top 5 and poll them again!