• My Little Pony: Art is Magic Cover Revealed!

    Amazon's listing for Art is Magic has been updated, and what an update it is. In addition to revealing the completed cover for Art is Magic, which was one of two covers I was drooling over at NYCC, the pages also has the look inside feature enabled, which allows you to take a quick look inside to get a feel for the book.

    The book is broken in to the following six chapters which focuses on one artist.
    • Chapter 1; Tony Fleecs
    • Chapter 2: Jay Fosgitt
    • Chapter 3: Agnes Garbowska
    • Chapter 4: Brenda Hickey
    • Chapter 5: Andy Price
    • Chapter 6: Sara Richard
    Each chapter opens up with an interview of the artist, Tony Fleecs's interview is previewed in full, before delving into the nitty gritty of the book: the art of the MLP Comic series.

    If you haven't ordered the book yet, or you just feel like checking out the preview, you can pre-order and check out the book on Amazon.com here.