• Hearth's Warming Con Community Guest Signup

    With the 2015 con season coming to a close in the next few weeks, the first announcements for the 2016 con season are rolling in. Over in the Netherlands, Hearth Warming's Con is just a few months away and they have opened their community guests signup.

    Find the full press release below the break.

    Hi there, every pony! We're pretty excited. We have some great news to share with you all soon. Not yet though... So be patient! For now, we still have some other news here and there about Hearth's Warming Con, the one and only My Little Pony Convention in the Netherlands!

    Community Guest Applications are open!

    Do you have the skills to perform on stage? Or would you like to give a MLP-themed workshop or panel?
    From today on, you can apply to become a community guest at Hearth’s Warming Con! Community guests can be musicians, artists, game developers, pony stylers, customizers or any talented brony or my little ponyfan, who can do that special something to make the event a blast for the audience or participants.
    We already received word from some community guests about performing at the convention. But as we have two full convention days and the pancake eve, there’s still room for a few more. Therefore, you now have the chance to apply for a community guest position yourselves.
    Why apply?
    Being a community guest at Hearth’s Warming Con has several advantages: you will get early access to the convention site, consumption coins, and best of all: free entrance tickets for saturday and sunday!
    Not too experienced?
    For musicians and singers who haven’t performed before at a brony or my little pony related event, we have an ‘new community guests’ event, where you can perform with 2 or 3 songs on saturday eve! This offer is for musicians and singers only.
    When and how to apply
    We are currently filling in our programm, which should be ready in December. Therefore, if you want to perform, we would like to receive your application as soon as possible, but preferably before the 1th of December 2015.
    You can apply with the Community Guest application form
    More information
    Are you thinking about applying, but not sure if you’re up to it?
    Feel free to ask any questions at guests@hwcon.nl
    First event at HWCon; CCG Workshop and tournament!We are pleased to announce the first event of Hearth’s Warming Con 2016: a CCG workshop and tournament, hosted by Raytee and Star Blink this year. They will travel all the way from Germany to ‘Hoofdrop’ once again. CCG workshop – 27 February (Saturday)
    When you’re curious about the CCG but haven’t played it yet, the CCG workshop on the Hearth’s Warming Day will be an ideal introduction to the game. During this event, Raytee and Star Blink will explain the rules and you can practice the game with other participants. Participants in this event can either borrow a deck from the organizers or buy their own at a discount price!
    Raytee and Star Blink will also sell their CCG cards and merchandise at the Vendors Area. They will bring many cards and have every single card from previous sets. They will sell, but also buy and trade with other collectors, so feel free to bring your own cards as well!
    CCG tournament – 28 February (Sunday)
    On Sunday, Raytee and Star Blink will organize an MLP CCG tournament with neat MLP themed prizes. Raytee is official Judge for the MLP CCG. For this event you will have to bring your own deck to the convention. You can sign up beforehand by sending an email to m.nab@hwcon.nl If there’s enough space left, you can sign up on Hearth’s Warming Con itself too, but for us it would be best if you let us know beforehand. That way we know how many contestants there are.
    To stay up to date, don't forget to check out our website http://www.hwcon.nl! On our website you can find our social media pages and you can buy your tickets there. Seeya at Hoof-dorp!
    Twitter: Gameleon