• Music of the Day #564

    So which one of you is going to make us a Fallout Fluttershy mod when it releases later this year? I need it.

    And get your Music of the Day below.

    [1] Source

    There For You by Arvianth


    [2] Source

    Friendship Games EP (all six songs covered) by Francis Vace


    [3] Source

    Frozen Night - Chrysalis by ShadowFireMario999

    [4] Source

    Alikore - The Task by TheOfficialAlikore

    [5] Source

    Jyc Row - Archangel Sunset Shimmer by Jyc Row

    [6] Source

    Flutterwonder [Piano Arrange by NyxTheShield] by Nyx The Shield

    [7] Source

    Mlp Hey There Sunset/Celestia Song (Hey There Delilah Parody) by Ashley H