• Equestria Girls 4 Confirmed by Hasbro Studios President, Stephen Davis

    It looks like the people over there in the poll begging for more Equestria Girls are going to be happy in the future! A keynote presidentation at MIPJunior has revealed the fourth movie from the president of Hasbro Studios himself. More specifically this part of the event summary:

    What’s next? Hasbro has also produced more than 120 episodes of the My Little Pony TV show, and has also worked on the Equestrian Girls spin-off that takes the ponies into a human world, with three movies already released, and a fourth in development. 

    I wonder what the topic will be this time? What kind of plot do you want to see? I'm still waiting for that Chrystalis toy from a while back to get some movie love.

    (Now with video!)

    Thanks to Tommy for sending it!