• Hearth's Warming Con Announces M.A. Larson

    Some good news for all those going to Hearth's Warming Con over in The Netherlands this February. They have just announced show writer and wingman M.A. Larson will be flying over to Europe for the convention.

    Find the full press release below the break.

    M.A. Larson is coming to Hearth’s Warming Con!

    We promised a big announcement yesterday, and today we deliver. We have the pleasure to announce the one and only M.A. Larson as our guest of honour at Hearth's Warming Con 2016!
    In case you do not know who Mr. Larson is, allow us to quickly bring you up to speed. Mr. Larson has been involved with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the very beginning. Already working together with Lauren Faust on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, he rolled into MLP:FiM after Lauren Faust convinced him of the character designs during one of the early show pitches. By now, Mr. Larson is one of the main script writers and authors for the series. He has worked on several season premiere and finale episodes, such as 'The Return of Harmony', 'Magical Mystery Cure' and 'The Cutie Map'. Many fans consider him the best writer on the show. A lot of fan favourite episodes, such as 'Luna Eclipsed', 'Sonic Rainboom' and 'The Cutie mark Chronicles' are by his hands.

    Having visited My Little Pony conventions around the globe, M.A. Larson is a convention regular who enjoys getting in touch with the fans. Not only does he make his panels very interactive, he can often be found hanging out with the fans off stage. Seeing as this resonates very well with the cozy Hearth's Warming con spirit, we are very excited Mr. Larson will cross the Atlantic ocean to visit the Netherlands for our convention. At Hearth's Warming Con, Mr. Larson will join the panel about script- and screen writing. He'll be there for the whole weekend, and with multiple autograph sessions, there is plenty of opportunity to get your merchandise signed. More about the events with Mr. Larson will be announced at a later time.  

    We would like to thank you, our sponsors and visitors. Having M.A. Larson come over would not have been possible without you.

    For more information and updates regarding special guests, visit http://hwcon.nl!

    The Hearth’s Warming Con Committee

    Twitter: Gameleon