• The Original Friendship is Magic Concept Art is Awesome (Part 1) - Ponies, Griffons, Lore, and Discord

    Ever wonder what Twilight Sparkle's original plan may have been?

    One of the best things to come out of Friendship is Magic is the incredibly appealing art style. The ponies are ridiculously cute, and the backgrounds are unique and absolutely brimming with interesting equine-friendly objects. Lauren Faust and her team of early artists really rocked it in terms of creating a phenomenon. Would the show even be anywhere near as appealing if the character models weren't ridiculously adorable and fun to use for fan stuff?

    Over the past few days, a boatload of concept art has appeared around the internet from the original season 1-2 animation bible. Everything from the various monsters of the world, to original ideas for the characters have cropped up, so much of it that we'd blow up some of your computers with a single post.

    Below the break, get part one of the concept art storm, starring the ponies!



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