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    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: averagewriter
    Description: War. War never changes.
    Everything was fine on the land of Equestria, a place built on the values and virtues of friendship. But when the Zebras attacked, all of that changed.

    Project 35, or also know as Dark Eclipse, awakens from his stasis sleep for some reason. Oblivious to what happened during his 200 years sleep, he wanders across the wasteland looking for answers that will only lead to more questions. Slowly, as his foggy memories clears up, he remembers why he was in stasis sleep, his friendship with the Ministry Mares, his encounters with the Zebras, and many more. He also encounters valuable allies that help and teach him about the wasteland, many more enemies that wants him dead because of his lost faction, and the last remaining being that befriended the Ministry Mares from the past.

    But as he travels, he meets something unexpected...and the final trial to show where his loyalty belongs to. The Past or The Present?

    Hey ya'll, this is my first story and any positive/negative feedbacks are fine as long as they explain why. Any tips to help in making this story is also appreciated. If you want, ya'll can make a cover art, your choice. Again, thank you all for readin.

    Story is inspired by Kkat(or was it Katt?), Somber, and many other authors out there(Not just the FoE stories, ok, maybe most of it). So...thank ya'll for inspirin!(Does that include like Credits to:?)

    Update: ok...right now, the story ain't really much and I might also need an editor(I don't really know how that works) you get the idea
    Eight New Chapters: "Prologue: A Story", 1, 2, 3, 4, "Stop, wait a minute. This story ain't action packed mates", 5, 6

    Aurora [New]

    Author: SierraSparx
    Description: The world sure is a different place after sleeping for roughly two hundred years... and a new age is about to dawn.

    The balefire destroyed everything, leaving only a poisoned existence in its wake. To the ponies in Stable 33 it was the last they could remember, the suspended animation replaying the final screams of those beyond the stable door. And now they were trapped.

    Trapped. Well it was better than dying. But then the stasis pods in 33 started failing. Survival or death. I always loved choices but I guess this wasn't much of a choice. I'm a soldier, well... at least I was at one point. Holy hock-feathers things sure are different now. And it is my solemn duty to save the Equestrian lives in 33. If I only knew where to start...

    Outside is a good place to start I guess. But outside, all that can be found... is darkness

    "Only After Darkness, Can Come the Dawn."
    One New Chapter: "Stable 33"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: SilverTongueOfCanterlot
    Description: It's a golden age we live in now a days, jobs are plentiful if you know where to look, you have the freedom to settle down anywhere you feel like it and it's real easy to get your hooves on the coolest toys .

    I use to just take the wastes day by day, never really caring about anything, Couldn't afford it. but one thing i could never seem to shake my softspot for... was kids.

    Something so small, frail and innocent... doesn't belong out there in the harshness of the equestrian wastes.

    I've seen the worst of what the Marejave has to offer and if a filly or colt ever has to do the same within earshot of me?... you better pray on Celestia's grave that i don't find you.

    In the Equestrian wastes out to the west in the Marejave desert, something strange is going on

    Fillies are going missing, Colts too... some show up dead a few months later, a couple it turns out were kidnapped and either sold into slavery or eaten by canibals

    but most, most seem to just... vanish. Enter Gear Grinder, a Mercinary with trust issues and a soft spot for kids, while roaming the wastes she finds toruble she never asked for and understandably keeps her muzzle out of other ponies problems, until she hears that kids are involved... so imagine her horror when she stumbles on a hint of what's happening to the fillies and colts that have been vanishing for the last three years.

    follow the story and join Gear Grinder on her quest to find and hopefully rescue the hundreds of vanished children... before there's nothing left of them to save

    coverart by : Mangticore http://mangticore.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Chance-at-redemption-544674134
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", 1

    Dark Days [New]

    [Romance][Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Rainbow Dashez
    Description: A mare is rushed out of her stable and finds out more about the past.
    One New Chapter: "Haste"

    Author: Kingsley Evergreen
    Description: 5 years before the war ended, the Equestrian military commissioned a stable to be built entirely within the secluded Reyzar bay area on the zebra continent. Encircled by impassible mountains, this secluded territory had nothing but forests and the occasional wandering tribe until the Roamans seized the shores and built a port that was to be significant in the on going conflicts. With the assistance of Celestia's Special Forces this secret military bunker that would outlast Equestria itself was constructed.

    Centuries after the war concluded, zebras and ponies live a mixed life in the drab, military patrolled halls of Stable Z until the lights flicker. Aware that their existence is now threatened, the Council devises a simple scouting mission so as to not be caught unprepared if the worst was to happen. The surface however is not as expected.

    [Many Thanks to Kkat for the original setting]
    One New Chapter: "Chapter One: Concrete Sky"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TheDarcySupremest
    Description: Written by DarcySupremest
    Cover by Mangticore

    There are a lot of legends and myths surrounding the Penumbra Highlands. Ponies have known the towering peaks of these mountains and the myths and legends that wander in them for almost as long as ponies have known Equestria. Since those corrupted hills and unsightly mountains were first discovered they have been feared and closely guarded, the fear of what is said to roam along the cliffs only seeming to be overcome by the hunger of a war machine.

    Decades of wartime mining and ore refinery polluting the air with toxic hallucinogenic chemicals and smog, here the smog blots out what little sun the wasteland has. There is no light in the highlands, the rolling hills are shrouded in the all encompassing pitch black.

    Batteries and flashlights are as sought after as clean water and food. To ward off the dark is a symbol of wealth and power.

    Because behind fog, in the darkness. Anything can roam. And whether what roams in the dark is a reality, or your own mind betraying you is entirely up to chance.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter - 3"

    SURVIVOR [New]

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: DoctorThomasTwilight17
    Description: "Eighty years before the Stable Dweller...there was another stable pony."

    Flatfoot is an earth pony living in Stable 11. But this stable holds a dark secret: one pony must be sacrificed per year, or everyone will die. Ponies are always on their guard, and there is little room for happiness.

    When Flatfoot discovers the truth about the sacrifices, his life changes forever. Forced to flee the Stable, he now finds himself in the dangerous Equestrian Wasteland. With all his fellow stable dwellers unaware of the truth, Flat must now find a way to free them from their living nightmare.

    But another threat is on the horizon, one that could spell the end of the recovering Equestrian Wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: Dattebayo
    Description: The Zona, a particularly hopeless area of the Equestrian Wasteland filled with little more than dangerous creatures, savage raiders and the scattered remains of civilization trying desperately to eke out an existence in the barren badlands inherited from their ancestors. It's not exactly the place to raise a child, let alone carry one.

    But Leaky Faucet - a pregnant Stable technician - may be her home's only hope for survival as she struggles through the vast and empty wasteland to find a new sanctuary for her people. Will she find more than death, rust and dust in this hellish land? Or will she be swallowed whole by the thing's we've handed down?
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    Wasteland [New]

    Author: Tokeno
    Description: murder and mayhem are common things you accept here in the wasteland don't expect a happy ending or beginning.

    With a growing unrest and change happening among ponies, towering powers and forgotten horrors and tragedies come to fruition. the travels of our heroes brings forth the question of weather its really worth it to survive or not and What's really out here in the heart of the waste .
    One New Chapter: "The morning after"

    [Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Sirion123
    Description: I have lived so long. Watched as the ministries made their war machines, the abomination known as the Goddess, the stables and...my greatest sin. Now I'm a living witness to how we fell, and day by day I do what I can to fix it, one pony at a time, all while trying to remain sane...Yep...I'm confident this will aaalllll work out...
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: tropenamer
    Description: Drizzle; an Enclave soldier who lost everything. How far will she go to regain her old life?
    Chitin; a young changeling queen who shoulders the hope of an entire species. How many will she betray to ensure survival?
    Zero; an ancient zebra mercenary, haunted by the Great War. How many must die before he can know peace?
    Krumb; a stallion without a past, spurred on by madness upon a path of destruction or redemption. Could he still have a conscience?
    Even after the Battle of Neighvarro, the Wasteland is in desperate need of heroes, but all we got are these rejects.
    Celestia help us all.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue 1: The Prettiest Unicorn in Intestine Meadow"

    Author: GenericPonyName
    Description: I did these for /foe/s writing contest a while ago, and forgot to upload them here. So... Here they are, little wasteland tales based around themes I've forgotten already. Enjoy! Or don't! Feedback and comments are appreciated either way.
    Three New Chapters: "Special Talents", "Leap of Faith", "That One Skillet Song"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: DwarvishPony
    Description: Bright Idea is a stallion who can only describe his life as blessed. The war is over, the zebra menace has been quelled, and Equestria is on its way to rebuilding a peaceful, harmonic existence.

    When Bright thinks all is well, though, his perfect life is torn from him and he must come to terms with the sudden changes this brings. Bright begins to question the life he knew, and rebuild in the world he now lives in.

    But when things go from terrifying to life threatening Bright learns a secret that won't just shake Equestria to its core, but put life as we know it on a precarious and volatile ride towards certain destruction. Bright must face impending destruction and ask himself, "Can one lost pony save anything?"
    Five New Chapters: "Prologue", 1, 2, 3, 4

    [Romance][Crossover][Slice of Life][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Heartshine
    Description: Candlelight Sonata was not sure what to expect when she was asked by the Stable Heartmender to assist a pony who recently was rescued from slavers. What she found, to her surprise, was something that helped her with her own fears, and somepony that helps see the colours in the world.
    One New Chapter: "The Colour Green"

    Author: Berg Elec
    Description: In the now desolate Stable 70, it used to house like what any other Stable would...survivors taking shelter from the dangerous and toxic Wasteland, that is until somepony decided to change that. Berg Electron, resident of Room 20 is among the affected as he's forced out of the safe haven and into the unpredictable plains of death, the only way to survive is to fight and fight and never stop fighting for what you believe in...
    Two New Chapters: 1, 3

    Author: Defender9to5
    Description: When two brothers are branded dashites by the enclave they must learn how to survive in the equestrian wasteland and get their revenage.

    Big thanks to Titan2955 for the front cover
    One New Chapter: "The Cave"

    Author: jony555jo
    Description: Lucky Atom es un joven unicornio que nació y creció dentro del Establo 25, el vivió una vida en constante acoso por parte de la pandilla de bravucones del establo, pero esto no impidió ser un joven responsable y llevar con eficiencia su trabajo como poni de mantenimiento del reactor de balefire, su vida cambiara gracias a un incidente que pondrá en peligro al establo.
    Four New Chapters: 19.1, "PREPARATIVOS .", "ENFRENTAMIENTO .", 19.2

    Broken Soul [Updated]

    Author: ShadowBolt79
    Description: Life was never easy in the failing stable 79. But the ponies who lived inside never even thought there could be another way. But it was life.

    The dwellers knew work. Every moment of their lives were devoted to doing their jobs. If they didn't, everypony could die.

    Everything changed when one pony defied death itself and decided to open the door. Take a chance for freedom.

    Some doors are never meant to be opened.
    But other doors are.

    *Note* I am looking for editors that are willing to help! If you are interested in helping, please send me a message!

    Also, this fic, while marked for sex, will defiantly not be focusing on it. I only marked that for good measure.
    One New Chapter: 4

    Author: FireStorm2247
    Description: Nova, a mare pegasus pony, was born and raised in a place of safety and security by a proud and noble family. Stable 181, a Stable dedicated to teaching and preserving the pre-war virtues known as the Elements of Harmony, allowed its residents to live a life of peace, knowledge, and honor. But when the Stable falls under attack by a raider war party, Nova and the remaining residents are cast out into the Equestrian wasteland.

    Without a home, Nova and the remaining Stable survivors must band together to make a living out in the wasteland. They must start from scratch, find a home, learn to trade and explore, and establish a foothold in the wastes. But during her efforts to help her people, Nova comes across strange pre-war recordings and artifacts pointing to a hidden pre-war nation. And when a mysterious pony questions Nova’s virtue and beckons for her to discover what the writings portray, Nova and her closest friends find themselves cast into a war fought to secure a legacy left behind by a secret pre-war society. Nova’s quest leads her to test her heart against the unrelenting force of the wasteland, to discover the meaning of the word honor, and to seek out and unlock a concealed pre-war secret, revealing to Nova that she is a part of something greater than she could have ever imagined.

    (This story is set twenty-five years before the adventures of Littlepip.)
    One New Chapter: 24

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Dice Warwick
    Description: Cover Art by MylittleSheepy

    When the war came to it's end, the destruction of Equestria was overwhelming. Entire cities were wiped off the map in but a flash, the once beautiful lands became poisoned and twisted. However, life still went on, only with a new war to fight. An unending war for survival against the wasteland itself took over. And war? War never changed.

    Amidst the worst hit during the apocalypse, the Islands of Marewaii were left as shadows of their former selves. Being the center port for Equestrias naval campaign, when the bombs flew, the Islands were a priority target for the Zebras. Megaspells of Balefire bombarded the big island, and the magical fallout that followed covered each of the others. The magical destruction was so great that the air itself became poisoned, a poison that persisted for over two hundred years.

    But like with the rest of Equestria, life continued to go in. Deep under the cities during the way, a vast metro system had been made. It was constructed both for transportation, and for emergency shelter in case the war ended in a balefire rain. Tens of thousands of ponies had fled underground, unsure if they would even survive the end of the world at all. Many closer to the surface didn't, but the ones that did went on to rebuild society in their new underground home.

    Over two hundred years later, our story picks up. A mirage pony mare named Vibraphone Echo, received a message about a job. This "search and rescue" job will pay a years worth of bits as payment. A simple job, one that gave her a bad feeling, but worth too many bits to pass up.

    They say that war never changes, but ponies do through the paths they chose to walk.
    Two New Chapters: 5, 6

    Empty Quiver [Updated]

    [Dark][Comedy][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: thefurryrailfan
    Description: A normal night of exploration goes south - quite literally - as two friends since foalhood wind up crash-landing far from their home, left with only their wits, their clothes, and their own company in a strange, new land north of Vanhoover. With a far more populated and dangerous wasteland before them, and their entrance certainly not having gone unnoticed, they race to get back home - though with their mode of transport out of commission, and the weather getting worse by the day, their chances of seeing their fathers again grow slimmer and slimmer.

    Empty Quiver is a sequel to Occupational Hazards - it isn't necessary to read beforehand, but it is highly encouraged!
    One New Chapter: "Storm Warning"

    Frosty Skies [Updated]

    Author: Cyclone
    Description: You don't need to read The Last Wanderer to understand the main plot of this story.
    The story itself will be updated on GDocs first; please click "More" for the link to the Chapter Index.

    War... War never changes.

    The Northern Wasteland is no place for a pony to venture alone. With the fall of the Enclave, and the near extinction of the Steel Rangers, Equestria has began to rebuild itself, in hope of starting a better tomorrow. However, within the Northern Region of the Equestrian Wasteland, nothing has changed at all. Brutality and violence is at an all time high. And with no protection nor order in the gleaming city of Vanhoover, the Northern Wasteland can truly be a test to one's ability on how to survive.

    With a war between two opposing sides raging on within the Wasteland, a young Unicorn mare arises from her home-town of Winter, in hope, of bringing order and hope to the ponies that live within the barren Wasteland of the north.

    **FINAL COVER ART PENDING; if anyone would like to make it for me (for free, unfortunately, considering I do not have the money to pay for a piece of art) then I'll be most grateful. I'd need a talented artist.
    GDocs version can be found here.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Three: Wasteland Wonderland"

    Legacies [Updated]

    Author: CopperTop
    Description: War. War never changes. But it does evoke changes in others.
    The stories go, that before the Great War that ravaged the land, ponies knew harmony and friendship. Ponies helped each other, with no thought given towards compensation. It was simply what ponies did for one another.
    In the years after the day the balefire megaspells fell, that...feeling, was lost to ponykind. Destroyed, tainted by the same conflict that had ravaged the very land itself. Charity was a relic, altruism a weakness to be exploited. Our species had survived the destruction of Equestria, but our civilization...that had died.
    From the ashes of the Old World, a new one rose up. A society born of necessity and a ruthless desire to survive. The strong climbing to prosperity over the corpses of those too weak to resist them. In the Equestira that now exists, there are two kinds of ponies: those whom are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and the dead...
    One New Chapter: "PUTTIN' IT ON"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Digital Ink
    Description: It is currently 150 years after the Megaspells hit Equestria and the world was reduced to nothing more than a shadow of it's former self. Storm Rider, a simple Bounty Hunter from the Baltimare area, is just trying to live her life and get by on contracts she takes. All that changes when she meets a mysterious Unicorn named Predious and finds herself in way over her head.

    Side note, this story is the spiritual prequel to FoE: Better Days. Gamma and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about what happens to Storm, you might want to checking it out.
    Four New Chapters: "Chapter Forty Seven - The Beginning of The End", "Chapter Forty Eight - Flames of Hope", "Chapter Forty Nine - Operation: Reverse Siege", "Chapter Fifty - Shaking A Pillar of Heaven"

    Longtalons [Updated]

    [Sad][Dark][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Telgin
    Description: Fillydelphia: a monument in the Equestrian Wasteland standing both as a memory of an age forgotten and a reminder of the darkest depths that pony kind can sink to. As a place of unending sorrow and misery, most sensible ponies stay as far away as they can. Only the foolish or irrationally brave stray near.

    That is, except for the griffons of the Equestrian Wasteland.

    It's no secret that most of the griffons in Equestria put their natural physical advantages to their best use, becoming mercenaries for the highest bidder. Large, physically powerful and with the ability to fly, they make excellent soldiers and guards. When well equipped, there are no better warriors that can be bought.

    The Talons are the best of the best, and when it comes to the security of the largest industrial complex remaining in the world, nothing less would do.

    To the slaves of Fillydelphia they were a terror that kept them in line. To the those who would assault the city, they were an unbreakable defense. To the slavers, they were frightening and aloof hired guns that they avoided.

    But to the Talons themselves? Some were doing the only thing they thought they could could to get by in an unforgiving world...
    Two New Chapters: "Intermission", 10

    Mending Hearts [Updated]

    Author: volrathxp
    Description: For as long as they could remember, Starry Night and Lightning Chaser have been regaled with the tales of the Wasteland's most legendary heroes, and of the journey their mother Patch made with the Ministry Mare, Radiant Star. They've listened, and they've dreamed about going off on their own amazing adventure.

    But not like this. One fateful night will change everything, and now Starry, Lightning, and their friends must journey to a place far off in the Wasteland, all to save the one they love the most.

    This story is set in the same universe as Fallout Equestria: Starlight, but you don't really need to have read it to understand this story.

    Support me on Patreon
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Four: Matters of the Heart"

    Outlaw [Updated]

    Author: Tofu
    Description: My whole life turned upside-down the night I saw her. The Stable Dweller, they called her. One minute I'm flying my scheduled recon mission and the next, I'm a fugitive on the run. I found much more than I bargained for once I finally settled into my new home—The Wasteland. A pony I thought I'd killed years ago. A pony who wants me dead... along with an entire city's worth of my fellow pegasi.

    I'm Lieutenant Mach of Neighvarro 1st Recon. This is my story.

    I'm Lieutenant Mach of Neighvarro 1st Recon. This is my story.
    One New Chapter: 8

    Author: Somethingguy912
    Description: Fallout : Equestria was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    Four New Chapters: "Goldenblood", "Charmed", "Cognition", "The Morning Glory"

    [Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: Changelings.

    To most, they are the creatures that almost took Canterlot, shapeshifters able to feed on the emotions of those around them.
    While this is true, it is not all there is to the story.

    When the Great War began, an alliance was struck between Princesses Celestia and Luna, of Equestria, and Queen Chrysalis, of the Changelings.
    The changelings, natural infiltrators since birth, would become spies for Equestria. In return, they would no longer be hunted, permitted to continue feeding as they had for countless years before their failed invasion, provided they not engage in acts harmful to the equine government or population at large.

    Of course, that was simply the beginning. As the war began to escalate, Stable-Tec, the company responsible for the life-saving Stables, recieved a request from parties that would, as part of the contract, remain anonymous and unnamed.
    They were asked to create something new, something that would allow both changelings and ponies to survive, and promote harmony between the races.

    They were asked to create...

    Project H.I.V.E.
    One New Chapter: "Journey"

    Author: GrimBrony
    Description: When a deadly virus is slowly spreading throughout the stable. The lives of everyone inside are in danger, but they refuse to leave the stable.

    Grim, and Pearl Bay. Are the only ponies willing to leave, will they survive? And what happens after they do?
    One New Chapter: "This Story Is Dead"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Alchemystudent
    Description: Nyx, daughter of Twilight Sparkle, awakes to a world torn by war and ravaged by nuclear fallout. Alone, she is given the task to write down the final days of the heroes of Equestria to let the world know of their brave exploits, but is given a much harder task-to live her life as best as she can.

    But, how can one live, if one sees herself as a monster. How can one live on, when there is nothing to live for?

    All thanks to Kkat for the world and Pen stroke for the always lovely Nyx.
    One New Chapter: "Journey"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Weavers of Dreams
    Description: Mercy Andromeda had always wanted to go to space, ever since she was a little filly. When she wakes up to her life-long dream after a devastating act of sabotage from the zebras, she finds a horror story in the aftermath. She forgets her dream and goes down to talk some sense into the ponies below.

    No pony seems to take her seriously, and she resorts to using her highly advanced "assets" to get them to listen. Between pink clouds, raiders, and comic books, she'll prove to the wasteland that she's a mare worth their attention.

    How will the wasteland survive when a mare with conservative views and ideals descends upon them looking like she just jumped out of a comic book?

    Based on the story by Kkat: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/fallout-equestria
    Cover art by: Monday-Blue
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter Fourteen: Exposition's End", "Chapter Fifteen: Enemies of the State"

    Spectrum [Updated]

    Author: Marioaddict
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: I never wanted any of this.

    I'm... I'm not a hero. I'm no one important. I'm not a fighter, or a killer, or... I don't know, whatever those other things out there are. I'm just a painter. All I wanted was to live out my life in peace, making art for all the other pegasai to view. That's all!

    But now? Now that's all gone. I'm stuck down here, down on this godforsaken wasteland, and for some stupid reason everything seems to want me dead...

    Please, if you can hear me, send help. I'm scared...


    I just want to go home.
    One New Chapter: 7

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Salted Pingas
    Description: What would you do for the life of your unborn child?

    Would you violate the law?

    Run from the only life you've ever known to a land sewn with chaos and suffering?

    A land where every other inhabitant wants you dead or enslaved for a couple caps?

    Would you be willing to kill?

    When Healthy Skies—a medical student and nurse in the Enclave—gets pregnant without a birth card, she finds that the answer to these questions is simple...

    Yet, as she comes to find out, many things are easier said than done...

    Edited by: PersonalGamer and G-man64

    Cover art by me.
    One New Chapter: "03 - Everything Starts Somewhere"

    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: The Wasteland Bouquet. Just another bar, in just another town. The same old crowd, even when the faces change. Prospectors, scavengers, anyone that's down and out or just needs to tell their story, get things off their chest. Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, even Griffon, everyone is welcome. Walk on in, get yourself a drink, and cry your heart out to the pretty mare behind the bar, or maybe the quiet mare with the cold eyes. That's what they're there for, after all.

    Thing is, they have their own story. It may not be heard very often, but here it is. Because every pony has a story, and those stories need to be told.
    One New Chapter: "The Heist"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: BadWolf135
    Description: Fireflight, a young Dashite has been cast out into the dark world below his. After helping a pony named Ginger Twilight, he was caught and branded, along with his sister. Now he struggles to do what he does best: kill. He now turns to bounty hunting as a skilled assassin.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: silvermoon15000
    Description: Bulletmoon has had a heart full of metaphorical bullets ever since he left stable 34. Which in fact was about 6 years ago, now he's known as the ghost of the wasteland. A badass, cloaked warrior who well lives alone. But as some phrases go, the longer you stay alone, the more savage you become, and he can feel his heart changing. But when he finds a filly wanting to go find her sister, he finds the heart to journey with her to where ever her sister is. But will this journey change him, will this filly heal his heart full of these bullets?
    One New Chapter: 12

    Alicorn Blues [Updated]

    Author: Yoater
    Description: Coming back from a routine job in Baltimare is usually quite boring. I walk into my tent, drop my normal gear off, get two hours of sleep, and wake up to cook for the town. Simple, boring, repetitive, but nice. So when my boss offered me the chance to do something else, I jumped at it without hesitation. Even if it was doing pretty much the same thing I did every day.

    Then morning came. I found myself bound and gagged in the back of a wagon by the same ponies I was helping. They say I’m not who I’m supposed to be, but that’s a minor point. A very minor point. What happens when you’re a being who is empowered by radiation and you’re thrust into something that can’t handle that radiation? What if you’re chock-full of radiation when that happens?

    I think I can see my mane falling out.

    (Set in Kkat's Fallout Equestria universe.)
    One New Chapter: 6

    [Romance][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ComicSansPony
    Description: Clash Coat has endured years of discrimination in Stable 13, a stable focused on genetic superiority. Her own mother, the Overmare, can't stand her because she doesn't fit the twisted Gold Standard for beauty. After a mishap with one of the Desirable mares Clash decides it would be best to leave her unlucky stable behind and face the Equestrian Wasteland. Where the fight to stay alive outweighs the need for good looks.
    Before leaving, Clash discovers an odd ability that allows her coat to shimmer like a crystal and it is tied to her emotional state. What is this mysterious power? Do the answers lie somewhere in the wasteland? Will she survive long enough to find out?
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Six: The Statue's Curse"

    Crystal Hearts [Updated]

    Author: ChurchNW
    Description: After her apotheosis, the Holy Mother provided the Crystal Wasteland with The Book of Cadance. The book’s purpose was to guide the crystal ponies into an era of love and harmony, but left no mention of the other races. While those heathens have it rough, life isn’t easy for the chosen ponies either. As a young crystal pony embarks on a pilgrimage, the trials of the Crystal Wasteland will shed light on two questions. What does it mean to be a family; what is worth having faith in?
    One New Chapter: "1.5: Adagio"

    Duty [Updated]

    [Tragedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: VisualPony


    This story contains headcanons that are not in line with the original Fallout Equestria, and is set before it's events. (187 years after the war and 13 years before the rise of Littlepip) If you do not enjoy stories about former equestrian soldiers finding themselves in the wasteland, then this story is not for you.

    Desperate times call for desparate measures... or so they say... The war with the Zebras brought out the best in some, and the worst in others... Now that I see this wasteland, I wonder to which side I belong...

    I had always been loyal to Princess Luna, even though I had a record of disobeying orders. It was this quality to think for myself however, that she valued in me. Eventually, I was given command of a Unit that only answered to the Princess, operating outside of the usual chain of command...

    I was proud and scared at the same time, that a being such as the Princess of the night entrusted me with such a task. One night however, it all fell apart, and now only my friend Firestorm and I remain of what was once Equestrias most secret Platoon. Both of us wonder what will happen to us now, where our place in this world is, and if what we did during the war was really the right thing...

    Sometimes I think it is like that stallion on the radio always says: The one truth of the wasteland, is that everypony has something they regret.
    One New Chapter: "Bonus: Dreams of the past part 7"

    Hivemind [Updated]

    [Romance][Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: CoffeeRings
    Description: A changeling wanders the badlands of Equestria, scavenging what it can and living from one meal to the next. But when some food becomes something more, life becomes more complicated, and perhaps more meaningful
    One New Chapter: "Fallen"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Sprocket Doggingsworth
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART
    Description: A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that she cannot understand. She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence.

    She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.
    One New Chapter: 20

    Icicle [Updated]

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: PlagenShiki
    Description: Ratchet, an inventive unicorn, had a dream. She not only wanted to save Ponykind, but save its future. In an attempt to do just that, she developed Project Icicle, a prototype cryogenic pod that she hoped could allow living ponies to pass through time without aging and be awoken when they were needed.

    In war torn Equestria where the threat of Megaspell holocaust was ever present, she feared the Stables would not be enough to keep Ponykind from repeating its mistakes. Along with Stables, those who held valuable knowledge and talents could transcend time to when they would be needed the most.

    Ratchet gained the approval of Ministry of Magic head Twilight Sparkle and tests out her newly finished prototype herself to ensure its safety.


    This is my first FoE fanfic and it has been a while since I've read the original. But, I thought I would try my hand at it and see what happens. I'll be doing a lot of cross-referencing and research as I go, so that might slow down the speed at which I write. But I'll crank them out as fast I can with the quality you all deserve. =^.^=
    Three New Chapters: 5, 6, 7

    Author: Skullbuster
    Description: The lands north of Canterlot are cold and harsh. When stable mare Silver Light exits her home in the stable in search of her long lost father, she experiences the coldness of the wasteland first hand and becomes wrapped up in a plot that will affect the entire northern region. But will she be able to survive intact, or will the cold of the wasteland freeze her heart?

    (Cover art by me, logo made by drawponies, link: http://drawponies.deviantart.com/art/Fallout-Equestria-Logo-434924536 )
    One New Chapter: 3

    Pathway's End [Updated]

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Garfield23
    Description: How many ponies attempted to kill Redeye?

    This is the story of a pony who tried and failed to do that very task. Was success denied because they were foolish or just unlucky? How many chances did they have? Well come judge for yorselves and see how failure is rewarded.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Two- Start down the Path"

    Rising Dawn [Updated]

    Author: Interloper
    Description: When the bombs fell, the North was not reborn in spellfire. It was reborn in darkness. 200 years ago, the Crystal Empire kept at bay the nightmares of the Frozen North. But when balefire scoured their lands, the floodgates parted and an inexplicable, aberrant darkness fell upon the Northern Wasteland.

    As the world above plunged into perpetual twilight, the ponies of Stable 91 slept peacefully beneath the snow. But their sheltered lives could never have lasted forever. Time could only tell when their systems would shutdown, or their water became impure … or … worse.

    In the Northern Wasteland, a broken water talisman is the least of anypony's problems - for outside those doors, only darkness awaits.
    Two New Chapters: 7, 7

    Second Wind [Updated]

    Author: TinkerChromewire
    Description: ''The Equestria you knew and loved is gone''--This tired old phrase needs no reintroduction. Set in the same world as FoE written by Kkat, this story explores another tale that ended in sadness and left so many unanswered questions. When second chances are almost unheard of, one soldier that paid the ultimate sacrifice will find himself in a world that moved on without him, seeking an end to his story with absolution. Oaths are sacred and promises must be kept--Even if they don't matter to anyone else but the dead. Also, friendship.

    I do not own FoE and I am writing this without permission. Kkat is a great author and I was inspired to write my own story based off her work on FoE.
    I also do not own Fallout and am doing this as a work of fiction for no revenue whatsoever.

    FoE Copyright Kkat
    Fallout Copyright Bethesda
    One New Chapter: 17

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Timeless Toaster
    Description: The Great Applewood Divide.
    Merchants and explorers are often told to stay away from this place, due to the dangers that dwell within the Divide's shadows.
    However, no one told Steel Ranger Initiate Silver Streak of the Divide's dangers...
    Because he just woke up from being imprisoned within a training simulation for over two-hundred years.
    Now, Silver Streak finds himself in a new land, completely different from the one he left on The Final Day.
    What secrets lay within the Divide's shadows?
    Silver Streak is about to find out.
    One New Chapter: "Author Update"

    Silence [Updated]

    Author: The Br0nyN34D
    Description: A young earth scientist, Zero, was given the task to retrieve valuable items for studies. He set out with a team of fellow scientists in search of these artifacts. What started as a simple mission fetch quest in New Hampshore has turned for the worst. Zero’s team has vanished and with them his means of communication. Zero now finds himself faced with more than just the hunt he was initially sent on, but now also faces the cruelty and barbaric nature of the Wastelands.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Thirteen: Unlikely Alliance"

    Author: RainbowSix0326
    Description: War. Its what sent the known world to hell 150 years ago, but it never stops. It sure doesn't stop the Grand Pegasus Enclave when their whole civilization is being threatened by a lack of resources. This story fallows Sergeant Thunder Wing and his squadron of Enclave soldiers throughout the invasion of the Griffin Kingdom of Aldorna.
    One New Chapter: "Convalescence"

    Marejave [New]

    Author: ArtieStroke
    Description: Your name is Natascha and you don't remember drinking NEARLY enough last night to warrant a headache this bad. In fact, you don't really remember drinking much anything at all- what do you remember?
    One New Chapter: ">Nat: OF COURSE IT'S IN AN ABANDONED STABLE! Couldn't be in the local hardware store, nope! Gotta go on a SIDEQUEST!!"

    Grounded [Updated]

    Author: BruinsBrony216
    Two New Chapters: 44, 45

    Las Pegasus [Updated]

    Author: Heimdal00
    Description: As I'm sure you're aware, Stables are huge underground living complexes for when the balefire bombs go off. Some two hundred years ago it happened, and the beautiful surface of Equestria was transformed into a wasteland.

    I was born in Stable 77. A stable dedicated entirely to pegasuses.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 2, Page 6"

    Author: king-koder
    One New Chapter: "Episode 2 Page 1"

    Author: AlexMalkavian
    Description: Колись давно у чарівній країні Еквестрії...

    …настав час, коли ідеали дружби поступилися місцем жадібності, егоїзму, параної та заздрісному захвату простору та ресурсів, яких залишалося все менше. Країни озброювалися проти своїх сусідів. Кінець світу настав саме так, як його й передбачали — світ поринув у безодню зловісного полум’я і темної магії. Подробиці незначні і недоречні. Причини, як завжди, тільки в нас. Світ був практично позбавлений життя. Велика чистка; магічна іскра, викресана копитами поні, швидко вийшла з-під контролю. Мегачари падали з неба. Цілі країни були охоплені полум’ям і занурилися в киплячі океани. Поні були майже знищені, їх душі стали частиною радіації, що огорнула землю. Тиха темрява опустилася на світ...

    ...Але це був не кінець світу, як дехто пророкував. Навпаки, цей апокаліпсис був лише прологом до нової, кривавої глави в історії поні. В перші дні тисячі були врятовані від жахів холокосту, сховавшись в величезних підземних сховищах, також відомих як Стайні. Але коли вони вийшли, їх зустріло лише пекло пустищ. Всіх, окрім мешканців Другої Стайні. Бо в той лиховісний день, коли магічне полум’я лилося з неба, велетенські двері Другої Стайні зачинилися, щоб ніколи не відчинитися.

    Фоллаут: Еквестрія
    Two New Chapters: 26, 27

    Author: David-Irastra
    Description: Blackjack es una pony unicornio quien trabaja para seguridad en el establo 99. su vida era una constante rutina , asi lo era hasta que un dia tras una serie de sucesos ella se aventura al mundo exterior donde tendra que lidiar no solo con los horrores que los yermos equestrianos tienen sino con sus propios demonios.

    Se recomienda discrecion en su lectura tienen lengua fuerte y temas sexuales.
    Two New Chapters: 77, "Epilogo: Mañana"

    Author: David-Irastra
    One New Chapter: 29

    Author: Equestria Narrator
    Description: Welcome to the Waste, a dry land of cacti and sagebrush, buffalo and ponies, radiation and taint. Life here was hard even before the war that tainted the land. Dehydration and lack of food will kill you almost as surely as the creatures, to say nothing of the bandits, raiders, and the general populace.

    Out on the steppe, a mare struggles to find her place in this new and harsh world. Yet her task is complicated by roaming gangs, turf wars, crazed mystics, and puzzles nearly two centuries old. It takes strong stuff to survive in a land gone mad. Will she be guided towards her destiny? Or will her dried corpse serve as a warning to those who happen to find it?
    One New Chapter: "Prologue"

    Pink Eyes [Updated]

    Author: ThePolishWarlord
    One New Chapter: 8

    Author: Visualpony Thenarrator
    Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable 99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
    Three New Chapters: 31, 32, 33