• Newbie Artist Training Grounds V: Day 12

    Oh my goodness, hi everybody! I'm so happy I was able to squeeze a day in here and actually get to talk to you guys in person! Calpain's been doing a wonderful job tending the NATG in my stead but there's really nothing like getting to do it yourself. So for one night only, hello! How is everybody holding up? Are you excited? Feeling good about your progress? Ready for it all to end? Just a few days left, so keep up the hard work! Today's gallery features a very respectable 146 entries for a grand event total of 2299 images! Holy cats you guys, that's a lot of ponies.

    Including tonight's theme, there's only 4 more submittal days, and then you're all officially graduates of the NATG. I know we don't have formal classes here on campus, but I hope that you've all managed to pick up a trick or two along the way, even if it's just the confidence to know you can try. There's an artist inside anyone who has the courage to find them. Class is still in session, so don't slack off just yet!

    This extended school metaphor isn't a cheesy motivation speech... well, it isn't just a cheesy motivation speech. It's also my brilliantly witty lead-in to tonight's prompt. Tonight I'd like to ask you to Draw a pony back at school/Draw a pony learning. 

    Make sure you submit all entries here by 12:00 AM Pacific time.

    My very last and favorite duty before I flutter off into the night is to introduce tonight's gallery, which you can find below the break. I love this batch. It's full of fun ideas and fantastic effort even in this late hour of the training grounds. Training's what we're here to do, right? Hit the music and get pumped!