• My Little Pony: Omnibus Volume 2 Released Today!

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    While My Little Pony Friends Forever #20 starring Discord and Somemare you might have heard of is the main attraction of the MLP Comic releases today, we here at Equestria Daily would be remiss if we didn't also point out the other pony related release of the day!

    Admittedly it is the kind of release that appeals to two crowds. The first being those comic readers who started up with the series late and would like to catch up in one go. Since the Omnibus collects the entire second year of IDW's MLP: FiM Comic Series this trade paperback is an ideal way to catch up.

    The second is the category that I fall in. Namely the comic collector who strives to have everything released for the comic series. No matter how much my wallet complains, I will be picking up this comic today!

    For anyone else who might be interested, you can check out the links below to pick it up for yourself.

    Physical Trade Paperback
    Trade Paperback

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