• Music of the Day #555

    Vinyl Scratch hasn't headered one of these in a while. Seems like she was outclassed by Octavia and Bat Ponies. Might as well give her one.

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    [1] Source

    Rocco488™ - Catch Princess Luna by Rocco488™

    [2] Source

    (Rap) Mane & Discorded Assassin - Listen Up by Mane [Official]

    [3] Source

    [Chill House] Kawaii Dash - Dream Mare (Summer Nirvana) by Xavi - Kun

    Chill House

    [4] Source

    The Twilight Will Rise - Turquoise Splash, Megaphoric & Joaftheloaf - Remix by ricardofr-200

    [5] Source

    Trepidity | Pony! (Please Read Description) by Vylet Pony

    [6] Source

    Secret Agent Mare - Pony parody of Johnny Rivers by iRhymeTheSongs


    [7] Source

    Daydream Anatomy - Lauren Faust Breakbeat Medley (EqD Faust Appreciation Event) by Daydream Anatomy