• Ishi Rudell & Katrina "Lunchie" Hadley Confirmed for Nightmare Nights Dallas

    Nightmare Nights is right around the corner, but that doesn't mean the guest list is going to slow down in it's growth! Equestria Girls director Ishi Rudell is joining storyboard artist Katrina Hadley for the event next month. Head on down below the break to check out all the infos on it!

    Ishi Rudell &Katie “Lunchie” Hadley Take the Portal to Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015

    As a thankfully brief hiatus comes to an end and our favorite show returns to the airwaves, we’re reminded once again of all the reasons we’ve come to love Friendship is Magic. Whether you saw the show for the very first time yesterday morning or you’ve been around since Episode One, no doubt you remember the things you told your friends about it: The story is great, the characters are adorable and relatable, and every last detail, from the songs on the soundtrack to each frame of the animation, is impressively well-done, together making something anyone of any age can appreciate.

    An excellent show like this one doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes a coordinated and highly talented group of professionals to make each episode a reality, from writers to storyboarders, artists, animators, musicians, producers, and more. Here at Nightmare Nights Dallas we want to celebrate those people who put such passion into their work, introduce them to a community who admires the show they helped produce, and help us all learn more about how they envision and build MLP:FiM from the ground up.

    This week, we’re proud to announce that two of the bright minds behind the show are joining us at Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015: Ishi Rudell and Katie “Lunchie” Hadley!

    Ishi is the animation director for Friendship is Magic and both the animation director and layout supervisor for Equestria Girls. You can follow him on Twitter @ishiH3Art.

    Lunchie is a new addition to the team, joining as the storyboard artist for Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks and working as a storyboard artist for Friendship is Magic season 5. You can follow her at @isitlunchyet_t.

    In case you don’t recognize these two fine folks, allow us to point them out on a visual aid, courtesy of the episode “Slice of Life”. Lunchie is on the left, and Ishi is on the right:

    We hope you’re as excited as we are to join Ishi and Lunchie at this year’s NMND!


    NMND Press Applications Now Available

    For those of you in the press or media, if you’re looking to attend Nightmare Nights and conduct interviews or film the events of the convention itself, applications for press passes are now available! Review our updated press policies and complete your application from the link below.

    Submissions are due by October 10th. We strongly encourage you to begin your submission as soon as possible.


    Whether you're waking up early on Saturdays to catch your favorite show, or you're first in line for every new comic, or you just can't seem to put down those pony books, Nightmare Nights Dallas 2015 has something for you to enjoy. We're the premier My Little Pony convention in north Texas, and we invite you to come on down and see us on the weekend of October 23-25. Make new friends and reunite with old ones, check out some awesome pony swag, and meet the great people who make this show and fandom one we all love.

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