• Discussion: How Would You Make a Living in Equestria?


    You have been teleported to Equestria! 


    Apparently this happens a lot. So much in fact, that you literally only made the local Ponyville newspaper on page seven or so under "Yep, it happened again. Another Alien". It turns out, living in a magical world tends to mean you are sort of a cross dimensional gateway for random races, and no one is really surprised anymore.

    Unfortunately, Equestria itself doesn't have any way of sending you back, so you are going to have to get a job and make a living. The ponies have set you up with a temporary residence on the outskirts of Ponyville, but it's time to stop lazing around and bothering Twilight Sparkle.

    So, good human in Equestria, what kind of job do you look for? Do you apply for some hard labor, construction style? Or are you thinking using those hand things might be good in the pony massage industry?

    Hit the comments up with your employment ideas!