• Discussion: What Genres of Music Would 5 Of Your Favorite Ponies Listen To?

    Ponies obviously have a love of music of their random bursts singing at various events in the show are any indication. With clippy cloppy hooves forming the perfect beat, who could blame them? But what music does each pony like most?

    The portal to Equestria has randomly opened again, and a giant cross-world concert has been planned to help share some of that cultural love between humans and ponies. You have been tasked with picking five of your favorite ponies from the "EQUESTRIAN HISTORICAL RECORDS" that air on Discovery Family every Saturday as a sample, and assigning each of them a genre of music you think they would like best. These five genres will be played at the concert to help spread glorious human culture all over ponyland!

    Now go! Pick five ponies, and assign them a musical genre. Should Rainbow Dash celebrate with some rock? Or maybe Twilight would go classical for maximum comfy while reading books?

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