• Amazon Underground My Little Pony Game Code Sharing and Bug Stomping Megapost!

    Considering this new version of the Gameloft My Little Pony Game doesn't support friend codes from the traditional micro-transaction one, I figured I'd get a new post up for all us new people diving into the world of cartoon horse waiting games. We might as well do something while waiting 9 hours for Vinyl Scratch to arrive...

    Anyway, similiar to the last one, grab people's codes in the comments, post your code, and make some FRIENDS! We all need to unlock Mayor Mare! What Ponyville is complete without her?

    This game also has quite a few easy to get around bugs, along with some super obnoxious ones that I'm crossing my fingers they fix later on. I'm not the only one that can't receive hearts as gifts, and time definitely freezes on whatever city I set my tablet to standby mode on. At least switching to Sweet Apple Acres whenever I put it down is easy enough.

    If you want to dive in, check out our guide so you don't screw up the beginning like I did. Learn from my mistakes.

    Now go! In the comments, code share away! Report bugs! And if you want me, add 9bc6.

    (iOS and Android people with the old game, get your share post over here.)