• Artist Training Grounds V: Day 14

    Well gang, it has been an amazing run for the ATG this time around! I can't believe two weeks have already passed and extra pleased to see how many of you have stuck with the program during these sometimes trying days. I'm proud of you guys right now and I hope the experience that you had during this round of the ATG was insightful and helped get you on the path of the artist (or further improvement for our artist friends that participated!).

    You all delivered a wonderful plethora of 142 cheering and helping pony friends, bring our two week total to 2589! Now you all deserve a great cheer, very well done!

    Tonight we have the final new prompt for you guys and it's a time honored one at that: Draw a pony graduating/Draw a pony party! After all that hard work you guys certainly deserve a party so let's get out the lead and celebrate!

    As always you can submit your entries here. And for those of you probably wondering, yes, we will have one more day of the ATG dedicated to previous themes for those who missed them. Just hang in there!

    We've gotten some confusion on how to submit to our submitter. In the space for the picture URL you want to put in the image URL link. To find this, upload your picture somewhere whether it be dA, Derpibooru, Imgur or wherever and right click on the image. In Chrome you want to click the 'Copy Image URL' button or something similar in other browsers. Input that URL and you should be good to go!

    We've got a tutorial below too if you're still having trouble!

    If a picture you made doesn't end up in the gallery tonight, please try resubmitting it. Sometimes things get eaten.

    Check out our newest gallery after the break!

    Submitter Link Now Added! - Derpy Cal

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    If you run into issues, send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com.

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