• ROan Kickstarter Updated - Tons of Concept Art - Plus a Dice and Chip Addition

     (Artist [Sweet Velvet from Whitedreams])

    The Kickstarter for the new Traditional tabletop style game ROAN is more than halfway to it's $15,000 goal, and the team behind it has released a bunch of extra concept art to get you all in gear for what is to come.

    Joining that, a bit of information on ubiquity dice and chip system has also been released, along with an easy to follow comic for those like me who glaze over when it comes to anything at all involving numbers. Confound those numbers.

    You can find the Kickstarter page over here, and all the new art, plus a presser detailing the dice below the break! 

    From the press release: 

    These newest additions to the Roan Kickstarter will be awarded to backers who kickback for the physical addition of the book. Additional sets of chips and dice can be purchased, their prices will be listed in the kickstarter.

    1. Style Chips - Players will obtain 26 style chips in denominations of 1 point chips (12) 2 Point chips (8) 5 point chips (4) and Roan Special Chips (2)
    2. Ubiquity Dice - Specialized dice for use with the Ubiquity system which comes with 3 sets of 3 dice. 3 White Dice, 3 Red Dice, and 3 Blue dice.
    As well the following is now being offered as an additional purchase for backers.
    1. The addition of art prints and their prices will be included in the kickstarter, for those who wish to have high quality pictures for themselves to hang upon their wall.
    White Dice = The equivalent of rolling a single dice. Marked with a 0 and a 1 respectively for adding successes.
    Red Dice = The equivalent of rolling two dice. Marked with a 0, 1, and a 2 respectively for adding successes.
    Blue Dice = The equivalent of rolling three dice. Marked with a 0, 1, 2, and a 3 respectively for adding successes.
    Example of a character rolling a Dice Pool of 5 would be rolling a single blue dice along with a single red dice which would be the same as rolling 5 dice.