• Random Merch: Tons of Back to School Stuff, Clocks, International Merchandise, and More!

    It's back to school season in pony merchandise land! Folders, backpacks, and more are all popping up everywhere these last few weeks. Expect a lot of this as the season ramps up.

    I'm sorry to all the kids out there.

    Get the merchandise below!

    FlutterDash Alarm Clock

    Found at: Walmart in Canada
    Found by: Frith

    Lipgloss with Bracelet

    Found at: Joann's
    Found by: Komaeda

    Back 2 School Stuff at Toys R' Us

    Toys R' Us has an entire section of the stuff. A few appaeared in an earlier edition, but this is the rest. I'm sure a few more random items are floating around out there to go with them.

    Found at: Toys R' Us
    Found by: Micheal

    Rainbow Dash Hoodie

    Found at: Costco Website
    Found by: Capstone

    Brazil Pony Pile

    Just a pile of pony merch from Brazil, some new, some old!

    Found at: Harry's in Brazil
    Found by: Daieny

    Walgreens 99 cent Pony Folders

    Found at: Walgreens
    Found by: @MrQuallzin

    Random Plushies in Dutch Shop

    I think these may be Nici plushies.

    Found at: Wibra
    Found by: Crystalitar

    Phoenix Sunset Shimmer At Target

    I think we may have posted her, but if not, she's appearing at Target!

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Nicholas

    Fuzzy Diary

    Found at: Toys r' Us in Austria
    Found by: Szajn