• Bronies for Animals Fundraiser Raffle

    Charity and animals! Two things the pony fandom can't get enough of. A new project called Bronies For Animals hopes to do some good for our fellow creatures of the world. Head on down below the break for the details!

    Attention, everypony! Bronies for Animals gives you a chance to save Elizabeak and Piggington and to win a copy of the Bound Together comic anthology!
    The main post: http://bit.ly/bfa2015fb

    More details: Bound Together has only been available at conventions and not online since its release. It contains art by KefkaFloyd (the project director), Sketchy, Jowybean, Sabrina “Starry Night” Bird, Steve Holt!, Adlynh, Charles Brubaker, Jonathan Gott, Ponywise, Centchi, Muffinshire, Emberwisp, Sofas & Quills, LeekFish, Pasteur, and fxcellent. We will raffle off our copy among all donors! You’ll find a link to the raffle in your thank you email.
    Mercy For Animals is one of the world’s best animal charities according to Animal Charity Evaluators. The charity evaluator estimates that Mercy for Animals can save an animal from life in industrial agriculture for less than $1, so even small contributions can have a great impact!
    Apart from donating, you can also contribute by
    1. sharing this post on social media,
    2. emailing friends asking them to contribute, and
    3. liking Bronies for Animals on Facebook.
    Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity!