• Music of the Day #539

    Dragonair came in, got ponified, refused to be pokeball'd and dropped a bunch of beats off. Get the beats below. Music of the Day just happened to be the container they fell in.

    [1] Source

    Helping Twilight Win The Crown (NeoN & Loko Remix) by Dj NeoN Music

    [2] Source

    Serenity |Song By YapSap by YapSap

    [3] Source

    Freewave VS Corpulent Cartel - Brony Holiday by Corpulent Cartel

    [4] Source

    Groskar - Dishwasher by Groskar

    [5] Source

    Close your Eyes by Agents of Discord

    [6] Source

    Famitracker Bits - Lord Tirek Battle (GBC-Style) by Trojan Horse